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CNN blasts Biden campaign for twisting NY Times report

CNN exposed the Biden campaign’s talking points as false after the campaign’s talking points incorrectly claimed that Biden never sexually assaulted a former Senate aide.

The cable news network headlined [1] its Biden campaign criticism, “Joe Biden’s campaign is twisting a New York Times story to defend against the Tara Reade allegations.”

Reade, a former Biden Senate aide, claimed Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993. His campaign has denied the allegations.

CNN reported that it was not a coincidence that both the Biden campaign and Biden’s defenders claimed that the allegations were not credible.

The Biden campaign’s talking points were leaked to BuzzFeed News [2] and instructed Biden’s supporters to say that “this incident did not happen.”

The New York Times issued a statement that disputed the Biden campaign’s talking points.

“BuzzFeed reported on the existence of talking points being circulated by the Biden campaign that inaccurately suggest a New York Times investigation found that Tara Reade’s allegation ‘did not happen.’ Our investigation made no conclusion either way.”

The point that the New York Times made was that the Biden campaign cannot claim the sexual assault never happened because there are conflicting accounts about the incident. Until there is more evidence, the Biden campaign cannot dismiss the allegations.

CNN concluded that Biden’s campaign is “twisting the report” to discredit and push aside Reade’s allegations. It also noted that the campaign’s talking points were “not accurate.”