Accuracy in Media

One by one, the mainstream media is acknowledging that there should be more skepticism about the Chinese government’s coronavirus infections data. But the media coverage remains sparse and few between, with a handful of articles from the likes of the New York Times and CNN expressing doubt without detracting their wall-to-wall coronavirus coverage.

CNN headlined its skepticism, “As China goes back to work, many wonder if the country’s coronavirus recovery can be trusted.” CNN wrote, “But as China appears to be turning a page on the virus, new questions are being raised about how much the numbers being reported can be trusted, and whether the worst of the outbreak has truly passed.”

The cable news network pointed out how there were serious discrepancies in the Chinese government’s reporting. It cited a Chinese publication’s report, “There were thousands more funeral urns delivered to Wuhan than would be accounted for by the official coronavirus death toll.” CNN then tempered the funeral urns report and said the data discrepancies “may be because of something that many countries are struggling with, a shortage of tests.”

CNN hedged on its criticism of Chinese government data and used available reports, such as Bloomberg’s report that U.S. intelligence believed the Chinese government fudged its coronavirus data. Instead, CNN relied on anecdotal accounts about a lack of testing, thus providing a weak criticism of the Chinese government.

It is encouraging that CNN published an article that expressed skepticism about China’s coronavirus data, but these types of articles do not make the front pages or chyrons in cable news shows. While the American public is subjected to the media’s wall-to-wall coronavirus coverage, the media buried articles like these to demonstrate that it did due diligence in investigating China’s unverifiable coronavirus data.

The bottom line is that the mainstream media, including CNN, should emphasize how China’s government continues to cover up the coronavirus outbreak without repercussions. Their cover-up has had cascading and devastating effects on the global economy, let alone leading to significant death tolls in Italy, Spain, Canada and the United States, to name a few.

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