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CNN political analyst David Drucker criticized President Trump’s message before the U.N. General Assembly on sovereignty, wrongly suggesting that it is not “consistent” with the administration’s approach in Venezuela and Iran.

On Twitter, Drucker, senior political correspondent for the Washington Examiner, said: “POTUS’ riff on sovereignty and letting other countries do as they see fit don’t jive w/ his approach to Venezuela & Iran. Although it doesn’t appear consistent w/ his approach to #DearLeader

Drucker’s analysis failed to note that Trump’s U.N. speech shared a vision for cooperation among sovereign partners, calling out those who actively work to undermine the sovereignty of other countries and create policies that spark refugee crises.

During his speech, Trump said that Iran’s leaders “do not respect their neighbors or borders, or the sovereign rights of nations.” Indeed, Iran is a bankroller of non-state terrorist activities throughout the region.

“Iran’s neighbors have paid a heavy toll for the region’s [regime’s] agenda of aggression and expansion,” Trump said. “That is why so many countries in the Middle East strongly supported my decision to withdraw the United States from the horrible 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal and re-impose nuclear sanctions.”

Trump also pointed out that due to Venezuela’s economic decisions, “more than two million people have fled” to other countries from Venezuela’s socialist regime. This refugee crisis created by the Venezuelan regime has a negative spillover effect on its neighbors (as well as the citizens themselves).

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