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CNN Analyst Fails to Make Distinction Between Legal and Undocumented Immigrants

Alex Burns, a CNN political analyst and New York Times reporter failed to make the distinction between legal and undocumented immigrants in describing the Trump administration’s approach our borders and immigration system.

Trump has repeatedly said he would welcome more legal immigrants who play by the rules rather than flout the rule of law.

“A more three-dimensional politician might say at this point that ‘I will get into some new spaces and show voters a side of me or an agenda they haven’t seen yet because elections are also about the future,’” Burns said Tuesday on New Day. “But this is a president who is focused on the past, his past campaign. What he’s not focused on, and what Republican senators are focused on, is the damage that this message did to them in the midterm elections.

“Virtually every Republican analysis of why they lost the House, why they suffered so badly across the country, involved the president sort of grabbing the steering wheel at the last second and turning the whole party into an anti-immigrant, anti-sort of migrant caravan alarmism party, as opposed to running on the economy which is what his advisers have said he would do in 2020.”

Burns failed to mention that the Trump administration has called for additional high-skilled visas as well as H-2B visas for foreign workers for temporary jobs in housekeeping, landscaping and other fields. Burns, as well as co-panelists M.J. Lee and Jeffrey Toobin, also failed to mention that it is typical for the party that wins the White House to suffer midterm losses and that the GOP gained seats in 2018. None of the panelists mentioned that the president is married to an immigrant.