Accuracy in Media

One of the key issues the mainstream media has had with President Donald Trump is his deregulatory agenda when it comes to the energy sector.

CNN published an analysis highlighting many of Trump’s deregulatory successes as president, while painting these accomplishments in a negative light. The analysis’s title, “Trump’s rollback of climate change regulations will be felt far beyond his presidency,” appears to portray a doomsday-type scenario for the world due to Trump’s energy deregulations.

The analysis warned that the “rollbacks come at a critical time” because the “Earth just endured its hottest month on record, and Greenland’s massive ice sheet is melting at an alarming rate.” The alarmist rhetoric continued, citing climate scientists who worry that the world will face “the worst consequences of the climate crisis.”

CNN’s analysis insinuated that Trump’s energy agenda could lead to catastrophe and doom mankind. Alarmist and doomsday-type language are too hyperbolic to be included in a serious media analysis piece, as the media should remain impartial and maintain professional standards in analyzing and reporting the news.

It then quoted Dr. Michael E. Mann, a climate change activist and an atmospheric science professor at Pennsylvania State University. The analysis did not quote anyone from the Trump administration or those in favor of energy regulations rollbacks.

Also, the analysis appeared to forget that many of the energy deregulations and rollbacks were a central part of the president’s election campaign in 2016. Trump visited coal-producing states such as Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio during the 2016 campaign and said he would rollback much of the Obama administration’s restrictions on coal mining and the energy sector at large.

The analysis would have resonated better with the American public if the analysis avoided hyperbolic rhetoric and remembered that Trump’s energy agenda fulfills a key campaign promise from his 2016 campaign.

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