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CNN was criticized by conservatives for their coverage of President Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Ohio during Anderson Cooper’s “AC360,” when the network put up on-screen lower third graphic that said, “NO CHANTS OF ‘SEND HER BACK’ SO FAR AT TRUMP RALLY.”

“CNN’s on-screen graphics have been filled with snarky anti-Trump opinions for quite some time, but observers were still stunned on Thursday night when the network’s chyron seemed to imply that Trump supporters would eventually erupt into a controversial chant,” reported Fox News’ Brian Flood. “DePauw University professor and media critic Jeffrey McCall told Fox News that “most news reports should focus on what is happening at a presidential event rather than what is not happening” but reporters were primed to see what would materialize following the chants that occurred at the last rally. ‘

Still, this CNN chyron comes off as pushing the controversy from a previous rally into the headline of the recent one,’ McCall said. ‘This is almost like “wishful thinking” reporting, and certainly, there were many other ways CNN could have characterized what was happening in Cincinnati that would have been more helpful and informative.’”

The Ohio crowd never engaged in the chant, and many critics disagreed with CNN’s editorial choice.

“Hell of a chyron, @CNN,” wrote the New York Post’s Nikki Schwab.

“Out: Reporting the news. In: Reporting the lack of news,” wrote Allahpundit.

“Almost like they’re disappointed,” wrote American Enterprise Institute’s Jonah Goldberg.

“The most trusted name in news,” wrote The Boston Globe’s Jeff Jacoby.

“The president said earlier Thursday that he would ‘prefer’ that his supporters at the rally don’t engage in a similar chant,” Flood reported.

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