Accuracy in Media

A recent study exposed the mainstream media’s false narrative: the coronavirus death rate is not as high as the media portrays it to be. Published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases medical journal, researchers found that about 0.66% of infected patients will die, far lower than the media’s reports of two-to-four-percent.

CNN headlined the study’s findings, “Coronavirus death rate is lower than previously reported, study says, but it’s still deadlier than seasonal flu,” and found multiple ways to favorably portray their coronavirus coverage. For example, CNN reiterated three times that the coronavirus is more deadly than the flu.

CNN’s article also pointed out, “When undetected infections aren’t taken into account, the Lancet study found that the coronavirus death rate was 1.38%, which is more consistent with earlier reports.” Many media reports either ignored or downplayed fatality rates in favor of the overall number of infections and deaths.

It is clear that the mainstream media understands that its news coverage contradicted the available data and that it should not be hyping the death counts as much as it has been. But the mainstream media has not changed its misleading headlines and news coverage despite the data contradicting its narrative.

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