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Chuck Todd told viewers on Thursday what he remembers of the first year of the Donald Trump presidency.

“Just think of all we’ve seen – or endured – in the last 13 months of this presidency,” Todd said on his Tonight’s Take segment on MSNBC. “The Twitter battles with a rival nuclear power, members of his own party, the special counsel, TV hosts, the Gold Star widow, the Justice Department, mayors, senators, governors, our allies, and many in between.

“How about the conspiracy theories? Obama wiretapped me. I won the popular vote. Russian meddling is a hoax, the deep state, and who knows, maybe the Access Hollywood tape is a fake too. The immorality, racist language about s***hole countries, the neo-Nazis, endorsing an accused child molester for U.S. Senate, the ego, the Dear Leader-style cabinet meetings, talk of a military parade, the inaugural crowd size, alternative facts, bragging about his election win all the time – from the CIA memorial wall to the Boy Scout Jamboree.”

How about those Twitter battles? The president of South Korea and one of his top aides both said on international TV that President Trump deserves much of the credit for the recent thawing of relations between North Korea and South Korea, one which includes the countries joining forces in the Olympics.

As for Trump criticizing people in his own party, do Todd and his cohorts not speak often about putting country above party? The president speaks his mind. He fights back. People elected him to do this and will get a chance to un-elect him in 2020 if he goes too far. We know more about what Trump thinks on a day-to-day basis than any president in history. Why would the press oppose this?

He believes – and there is growing evidence to support him – that he was wiretapped and that people in his own people in his own party, as well as the leadership of the Justice Department and FBI, were out to get him. Why does Todd think Trump should not respond to this?

“How about the vulgarity?” Todd continued. “The White House communications director publicly accusing another White House advisor of trying to perform a sex act on himself. Other advisors constantly dishing about their own president, including a cabinet secretary reportedly calling him a moron.”

“How about the cliffhangers? Tune in next time to see what happens on NAFTA, staff shakeups, oval office recordings, talking to Mueller, a government shutdown, even nuclear war.”

Where was Todd’s objection to the vulgarities of the Women’s March, where speeches were littered with F-bombs? Or when the leaders of the California Democrat Party led their convention attendees in a chant of “F— Trump?” Has he never listened to Democrat National Committee Chairman Tom Perez speak?

As for that dishing, how much comes from anonymous sources? And how much of what has been reported on his network and others based solely on anonymous sources has turned out to be wrong? Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said he never called President Trump a moron. The president still has not fired him, despite media reports from that day forward that Tillerson would be dismissed soon. Is it not possible Tillerson was telling the truth and this never happened?

Every president has turnover and nearly every president has a government shutdown at some point. And the remark about nuclear war comes from Victor Cha, a man who had been appointed but not yet confirmed as ambassador to South Korea but resigned over disagreements on policy with the administration over purported planning for “bloody nose” attack on North Korea that would serve notice the U.S. was serious but not take out leadership or destroy the country. The administration has yet to say such a plan was even in the works.

Finally, Todd says there is “no way the president can fulfill the promises to voters he made in this environment that he has created.”

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