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The Competitive Enterprise Institute, a D.C.-based think tank fighting for liberty, launched a new campaign taking issue with NBC’s Meet the Press hour-long special last month on climate change, which explicitly excluded guests who disagree with climate change alarmists.

CEI’s campaign includes a full-page ad appearing in The Wall Street Journal and Washington Post and a 30-second video spot, which CEI attempted to run during Meet the Press on January 20.

NBC rejected the ad, which can be seen along with the full-page print ad here. The ads push back on Todd and NBC’s decision to specifically exclude guests who disagree with alarmists and calls for a real and open debate about the impacts of climate alarmist policies.

“For decades, Meet the Press was the gold standard for balanced political debate and commentary. Not anymore,” CEI President Kent Lassman said in an email.“NBC’s Chuck Todd and Meet the Press are banning views that are based on real-world scientific data and only promoting climate alarmists who generate fear to push for higher taxes and energy rationing. That’s why today, CEI has placed a series of advertisements in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and on digital and social media, to spotlight NBC’s refusal to have a full scope discussion on climate change policies.”

“Americans deserve an open debate about major policy proposals that would affect every aspect of our lives. The economy, our standard of living, and freedom from harmful regulation depends on it,” Lassman continued. “We need your support to make sure this message reaches NBC, Chuck Todd, and millions of Americans. Without significant pushback, the political and policy debate will continue to shift from common sense and toward alarmism rooted in fear and half-truths.”

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