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Since then-candidate Donald Trump announced his candidacy in summer 2015, he has made many promises to the American people. According to one of the most recent surveys conducted by Rasmussen Reports, “Just 4 percent of likely voters believed that “most politicians” kept the promises they made on the campaign trail, while 83 percent did not.”

Although the majority of likely voters believe most politicians don’t keep their campaign promises, quite a few media sources ranked President Trump’s campaign promises ahead of his re-election announcement in Orlando, Florida to see how he matched up.

CBS News published an article analyzing whether Trump has kept his campaign promises in the first 30 months of his presidency. In their article, they highlighted the Democratic National Committee’s counter-program with the key message claiming Trump broke his key campaign promises.

One of Trump’s key campaign promises was putting an end to massive illegal immigration at nation’s southern border. The infamous “Build The Wall” campaign chant was heard at every Trump rally across the United States. CBS News comments how the administration has “made progress in restoring and replacing existing portions of the border wall, very few miles of new walls have been constructed in places they didn’t already exist.” CBS News also states, Mr. Trump insisted Mexico would fund the wall through better trade deals, touting his U.S.-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) Agreement.”

Earlier this year, NPR also mentioned in their campaign promises article, “two years into his presidency, Trump has not built a wall along the Southern border. And Mexico certainly hasn’t paid for it.” However, the author gave Trump credit where CBS News didn’t; Trump advocated for the wall, and went as far as shutting down the government, to win funding for an additional 234-mile stretch of border barrier that was desperately needed according to border towns, the sheriff association, and ICE authorities.

As a Fox News article notes, “President Trump noted last week that his campaign promise to build a wall and have Mexico pay for it ‘obviously’ did not mean getting a check from the Mexican government directly.”

Ultimately, both news outlets failed to state the US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement has stalled in the 116th Congress because House Democrats lead by Speaker Pelosi are resisting the republican president’s agenda and playing party politics. This deal will replace the outdated NAFTA deal signed by former Democratic President Clinton. Therefore, current democrats are saying they “will proceed only when their concerns related to labor, enforcement, climate change, and pharmaceuticals have been addressed” according to a recent Reuters article

House Democrats should budge after summer recess, especially with the Mexican President, who has already ratified the deal through his legislative body, is calling on the US Congress to do the same. Through a free and fair, non-tarriff trade agreement, the United States will continue to prosper and receive capital to put toward our border wall.

It’s important to note the Office of the US Trade Representative, Mexico is our second largest export market, and our exports to Mexico have increased by 537% since 1993.

As for the construction of the border wall, it continues to be a work in progress as the president’s administration has been able to secure $6.1 billion in funding as of May 2019, according to Newsweek.

The US Customs and Border Patrol recently highlighted their success with regard to the border wall project stating, “DHS and CBP have received funding to support construction of up to approximately 201-205 miles of new border barriers through a combination of appropriations…”

In the same release, they made note that they’ve completed 99 percent of the 40 mile wall that was funded in fiscal year 2017. Moreover, border wall construction planning efforts will continue throughout this year, as CBP will use $2 billion authorized by Congress to build approximately 85 miles of new border wall in the Rio Grande Valley.

Through the thin and thick of it all, President Trump has been continuing to deliver on his campaign promise of building a wall. Although an ongoing project, it will be up to House Democrats to pass the USCMA deal through their chamber after August recess to allow Mexico to have a chance at ‘paying for the wall.’

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