Accuracy in Media

The Poynter Institute should be screaming from the rooftops about the sorry state of journalism.

So, too, should the Columbia Journalism Review.

Media bias went nuclear in the Trump era, and it’s gotten worse since then. A new poll shows the fallout from that shift.

Gallup revealed Tuesday that the percentage of people who have “no trust” in journalism outpaces a “great deal/fair amount” for the first time ever.

Yet both institutions have little to say on the subject, typified by the press’ treatment of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

So it’s up to podcasters like Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew Pinsky to do the work those groups won’t.

“The Adam and Dr. Drew Show” dropped a smart bomb on journalism, again, this week. The show features advice on love, addiction and more, but in recent months the focus shifted to false pandemic narratives and journalism’s rot.

Case in point? The duo played a 1987 news clip in which then-Sen. Joe Biden made up gargantuan lies about his academic record.

And the media called him out on it, no questions asked. Biden quickly backpedaled.


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