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BuzzFeed’s Twitter daily morning Web talk show, AM to DM, did not have balanced coverage leading up to and following the testimony of  Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.
On Thursday, for example, the show hosted two women for a segment to analyze Ford’s testimony against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Guest Jamia Wilson said that Ford’s testimony “was bold, courageous and full of integrity,” and fellow guest Jaclyn Friedman offered similar sentiments.

During an episode leading up to the hearings, the anchors/reporters (e.g. the BuzzFeed team, separate from an additional guest, a outside analyst who has been incredibly vocal against Kavanaugh) called Kavanaugh’s behavior “totally weird” and “odd,” without any acknowledgement that he has been responding to allegations that are without eyewitnesses to corroborate allegations of heinous behavior (I just wrote a CNN Oped this week on the lack of due process in this matter). The anchors didn’t give an even hand to due process, to the U.S. Constitution, to evidence, data and science. This is a disservice toward intellectually robust conversation.

In the conversation with the Salon outside analyst, the BuzzFeed anchors didn’t question the guest’s assertion that Republicans were trying to portray Ford as “a little bit nutty, a little bit slutty,” despite the fact that the terms of Ford’s congressional testimony were agreed upon by her counsel and that Senators yesterday treated Ford with respect and deference and allowed their questioning to be yielded to an outside sex crimes prosecutor.

This type of insular BuzzFeed conversation isn’t surprising to conservatives, given that BuzzFeed president Greg Coleman made a $10,000 donation to the Democratic National Committee for an event hosted by BuzzFeed chairman Ken Lerer and attended by President Obama—just two weeks before BuzzFeed’s advertising department canceled a $1.3 million ad deal with the Republican National Committee.

As reported by the Center For Responsive Politics, BuzzFeed employees have not given to any to Republicans and large donations to Democrats:

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