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BuzzFeed News criticized the Trump administration for its changes to the country’s asylum-seeking policy, which will restrict the conditions to apply for asylum.

BuzzFeed headlined its take on the new asylum policy, “The Trump Administration Will Soon Deny Work Permits For Asylum-Seekers Who Enter The US Without Authorization.” The new policy will enact restrictions on work permits based on an asylum-seeker’s entry into the U.S., in addition to extending the time for asylum applications from 150 days to 365 days. The policy will also deny work permits to asylum-seekers who have not filed for protections within a year of their arrival.

BuzzFeed News emphasized the unfairness of the new policy, particularly how asylum applications will be restricted based on the asylum-seeker’s entry into the U.S. and whether they applied for protections within a year of arrival. BuzzFeed cited critics of Trump’s immigration policies and claimed the policies “would force asylum-seekers to go into the shadows.”

But BuzzFeed News left out critics of the overall U.S. asylum process and supporters of the new asylum policy.

Critics of the overall asylum process claimed that the process invited potential misuse and abuse by applicants who used the process to gain government-recognized approval to remain in the country until their asylum claim was heard by government bureaucrats. Other criticisms were that granting asylum incentivized illegal border crossings and may have led to brief surges of illegal immigration along the U.S.-Mexico border in recent years.

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