Accuracy in Media

BuzzFeed News published an article about mail-in ballots in the 2020 election and made an unsupported claim about Republicans suppressing the right to vote.

BuzzFeed News highlighted the Republicans’ alleged malice towards voting rights, “Republicans May Undermine Mail-In Voting Just By Running Down The Clock.” The website claimed, “The GOP has tried to suppress voting for decades, particularly among people of color.” BuzzFeed News did not provide evidence or proof about its GOP voter suppression claims.

It is a serious charge to claim that a major political party has attempted to suppress voting “for decades.” But BuzzFeed News did not provide any evidence to support its claim. Instead, BuzzFeed News cited a New York Times report that said mail-in voting does not favor Democratic candidates over Republicans. The New York Times report did not support BuzzFeed News’s voter suppression claim.

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