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BuzzFeed News criticized President Donald Trump for his praise of hydroxychloroquine, which could be part of the cure for COVID-19. The website called Trump’s praise “controversial statements,” and then acknowledged that the antimalarial drugs could work.

North Carolina pharmaceutical company PPD Inc. received a $750,000 grant to research the antimalarial drugs to study its effects in a month-long study. A prior French study indicated that there were positive results from 42 COVID-19 patients, though it was a small sample size in addition to criticism about the study’s findings. Yet BuzzFeed News criticized the Trump administration’s praise for hydroxychloroquine, while at the same time, it admitted that initial data suggested it could be a potential cure.

BuzzFeed News took issue with Trump’s statements about chloroquine, in which he said, “We’re going to be able to make that drug available almost immediately.”

In a later tweet, Trump said that the drugs could “have a real chance to be one of the biggest game-changers in the history of medicine.”

Attempting to find a cure for the coronavirus is far better than not, which begged the question of why BuzzFeed News criticized Trump’s statements about it. Although Trump’s statements could have led to “a shortage” in chloroquine supply, trying to find a cure for the virus is a top priority and should not be discouraged by the likes of BuzzFeed News.

Also, BuzzFeed News cited statements from the Food and Drug Administration and World Health Organization that urged caution about the drugs’ success, but their statements should not dissuade the Trump administration from attempting to find a cure sooner rather than later. Initial findings supported the president’s claims, which BuzzFeed News also acknowledged.

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