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BuzzFeed News criticizes CDC for pandemic response, but doesn’t revise blame-Trump narrative

BuzzFeed News published an article critical of the CDC, but the article failed to change the website’s overarching theme of criticizing the president for allegedly mishandling the coronavirus pandemic.

The website headlined [1] its article on the CDC’s failures, “The CDC Lost Control Of The Coronavirus Pandemic. Then The Agency Disappeared.” BuzzFeed News detailed the CDC’s inept conduct at the start of the pandemic, which ranged from using its own faulty tests, the mistaken assumption to solely test incoming travelers from China, and the erroneous suggestion for the public not to wear masks in public places.

Though Trump deserves blame for how the federal government responded to the pandemic, he does not deserve all the blame. Agencies like the CDC failed to react appropriately or in a timely manner to the pandemic’s spread and their failures exacerbated the crisis.

For example, the CDC insisted on using its own coronavirus tests instead of relying on reliable tests, which caused significant delays in measuring the virus’s spread.

Yet, for several months, BuzzFeed News blamed President Donald Trump for mishandling the coronavirus pandemic, but it had ignored the failings of federal government agencies in responding to the pandemic. It is too late for BuzzFeed News to admit that other factors inhibited the federal government’s pandemic response and that Trump was not solely to blame.