Accuracy in Media

BuzzFeed’s latest article, headlined, “We Cannot Afford To Fail”: A New UN Report Is Forecasting Potentially Catastrophic Warming,” joins a list of other similarly-worded headlines in the left-leaning media. CNN, National Public Radio and other outlets reported on the United Nations report on climate change with similar headlines.

The article cited the United Nation’s “Emissions Gap Report 2019,” which concluded that more needs to be done to curb climate change and suggested more aggressive emission-cutting measures. One of the measures that the United Nations report proposed was cutting emissions to zero, even though no single advanced economic country agreed to a specific date to do so. Buzzfeed outlined many of the report’s other findings, such as the necessary target goals to be met to reduce carbon emissions.

However, Buzzfeed did not quote a source from the alleged “climate change skeptic” camp to rebut the United Nations report and its findings. Instead, Buzzfeed presented the United Nations report as infallible and without opposition, which is a false assertion as there are skeptics of the pragmatism of curbing emissions to zero within a decade, if not sooner. Buzzfeed failed to account for all sides of the issue and failed its readers to present an in-depth and balanced article on climate change, which has become a very politicized issue in the past several years.

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