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Rep. Al Green, a Democratic congressman representing a Houston, Texas district, has been an outspoken advocate for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. He told BuzzFeed that he will continue to push for impeachment until it is passed in the Senate, regardless of how many attempts it will be.

Green, according to BuzzFeed, was the first Democrat to call for Trump’s impeachment four months after Trump took office and forced a House vote on impeachment three times since then. The current impeachment proceedings marked two and a half years since his first push for impeachment.

BuzzFeed admitted that despite Green’s efforts, “it seems very unlikely that the Republican-senate will vote to remove Trump from office.” It also pointed out that Democrats “seem poised to simply move on and focus their energy on the 2020 election” if impeachment fails in the Senate.

However, Green told BuzzFeed that he will continue to push for impeachment votes in the House until the Senate votes to impeach Trump. He said he wanted to include an impeachment article that claims Trump has a history of being a racist. But Green did not mention how this could set a precedent in future impeachment proceedings and how to determine a sitting president is racist, which BuzzFeed also neglected to detail in the article.

BuzzFeed did not include how poll numbers have fluctuated on the issue of impeachment, and how those poll numbers dissuaded some moderate Democrats from endorsing impeachment efforts, in addition to how repeated impeachment votes in the House against the same sitting president would be almost unprecedented. Instead, BuzzFeed published Green’s comments and opinions without rebuttal or additional context, which was a disservice to its viewers and audiences.

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