Accuracy in Media

BuzzFeed News’s climate change coverage is partisan, lacks political balance and neutrality, and publishes one-sided accounts on climate change activism. Its latest article, “The Global Climate Talks Ended in Disappointment,” discussed the most-recent global climate talks held in Madrid, Spain and echoed climate change activists’ disgust with the talks.

The article portrayed climate change as an immediate, doomsday scenario when it said that the talks came “at a time when disasters and rising seas are already wreaking havoc worldwide and experts agree time is running out for countries to stave off a warmer, worse future.” It quoted the Alliance of Small Island States, a group that represents small countries located on islands, the United Nations secretary general, and a climate change activist group. All expressed disappointment with the climate talks and reiterated that they will not give up on climate change.

Also, BuzzFeed News criticized the United States for withdrawing from climate change talks, known as the 2015 Paris climate accord. President Donald Trump announced in 2017 that the United States would not participate in the Paris accord, and formally withdrew this year, but his 2017 announcement was met with significant criticism from mainstream media outlets, lawmakers, and activists. BuzzFeed News blamed the United States “of leading a charge to protect wealthy nations from paying their fair share of the cost of climate change.”

But BuzzFeed News failed to outline the reasons behind Trump’s withdrawal from the climate accord, which was partially based on stopping U.S. tax dollars from flowing to the United Nations to fund climate change programs. Also, BuzzFeed News did not recognize climate change skeptics’ perspective, which criticizes global climate change talks for excusing poorer nations from meeting climate change regulations and goals while punishing environmentally-compliant and wealthier nations such as the United States.

Instead, BuzzFeed News published a one-sided account of the climate change talks in Spain, without acknowledging the reasons behind the United States’ withdrawal from the talks.

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