Accuracy in Media

BuzzFeed showed its cluelessness on matters of faith in its coverage of reported anti-Semitic harassment in London. 

In BuzzFeed reporting about a reported subway harassment incident where man badgered a Jewish father and son about “’the synagogue of Satan’ to another man and a young boy, both of whom were wearing yarmulkes.”

Yet BuzzFeed’s Krystie Lee Yandoli was forced to issue a correction: “This post has been updated to specify that the man and boy were wearing yarmulkes. The original wording, skullcaps, does not acknowledge the religious significance of the head covering.”

The term “skullcap” refers to many different types of hats worn for many different reasons, including skiing and snowboarding. A kippah is worn by a Jew for religious reasons, and a yarmulke reportedly is a specific type of kippah worn by Eastern European Jews.

Various studies (including from Pew Research) have documented the values gap between journalists and the general public. BuzzFeed’s lack of knowledge of basic religious practice is further evidence of this gap.

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