Accuracy in Media

As the news breaks that the Elon Musk is gearing up to acquire Twitter, Business Insider has claimed that this action is a “chilling new threat,” calling him a “billionaire troll.”

The publication has not always taken this stance when it comes to billionaires taking over or investing in media companies. Business Insider flaunts its relationship with Amazon CEO and “significant” investor Jeff Bezos, stating in a memo regarding the tech billionaire’s contributions that “This capital will allow us to continue to invest aggressively in many areas of the business, including editorial, tech/product, sales and marketing, subscriptions, and events.”

In addition to having a large stake in Business Insider, Bezos bought out The Washington Post, making him the owner of a major and influential publication. Outlets such as Business Insider applause such moves, while condemning Musk for doing the same with Twitter.

Left-leaning personalities continue to threaten to leave the platform once Musk takes over, though likely still read the Washington Post with their morning coffee.

Business Insider has been the subject of multiple Accuracy in Media investigations for fearmongering, disinformation, and allowing obscure actors publicly call a sitting president a “Russian asset”.

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