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Barack Obama, who has
not been “vetted” by the FBI for the position of president of the United
States, received his “first high level briefing” on Tuesday from the office of
the Director of National Intelligence, CNN has reported. “Obama was given the
briefing at the FBI field office in Chicago,”
the cable channel said, from a “team of intelligence experts.” But why should
Obama, with a documented history of contacts with communists and terrorists, be
trusted with this information?

What procedures are in
place to make sure that Obama and/or his aides do not disclose any of this
information to foreign or hostile interests? Will somebody in the media stop
digging into Sarah Palin’s family life long enough to look into this?

Because of his 30-year
association with people who hate the United
States, including communist Frank Marshall Davis.,
anti-American preacher Jeremiah Wright, and communist terrorists Bill Ayers and
Bernardine Dohrn, it is highly doubtful that Obama could get a security
clearance in the U.S.
government he wants to lead.

But rather than raise
this issue, the major media want to investigate Sarah Palin’s pregnant daughter
and her husband’s driving record.

The federal government
provides a “Questionnaire for National Security Positions” to people eligible
for a security clearance. There are several requests for information that Obama
might find difficult to answer. They include “Other names used” by applicant,
“Citizenship of your relatives and associates,” “Your foreign activities,” and
“Your use of illegal drugs and drug activity.”

But Obama doesn’t have
to fill out any such form. He is above it all.

According to CNN,
President Bush authorized the briefing for Obama. “President Bush has followed
the practice of previous presidents in deciding that intelligence briefings
will be made available to the presidential and vice presidential candidates of
both major parties,” CNN reported.

This may be a
traditional practice but what is its legal and rational basis? And why are the
“major” candidates only given access to this information?

The office of the
Director of National Intelligence (DNI) would only confirm to AIM that the
briefing took place, in coordination with the White House, and that
“intelligence briefings on certain topics of national security interest” are
being provided to the presidential and vice-presidential candidates of “the two
major parties.”

This is a raw exercise
of presidential power that Obama would never object to but the American media
should question. That is, if reporters have a patriotic bone in their bodies.
After all, simple common sense dictates that America’s state secrets should not
be given away willy-nilly to a security risk who just happens to be running for
president and captured the nomination of a major political party. 

It’s going to be hard
for John McCain to argue that Obama is a danger to U.S. national security when
President Bush, with no clear basis in law or the Constitution, is providing him
high-level intelligence briefings.

In yet another story
about whether Sarah Palin was properly vetted as the Republican
vice-presidential candidate, the Washington Post says it was wrong to
previously report that Palin had undergone an FBI background check. “A
knowledgeable official said Tuesday that the vetting team had hoped to run such
a check but that FBI officials declined to do so because that type of inquiry
is reserved for people nominated for senior administration jobs,” the paper

Obama wasn’t checked out
by the FBI, either. But the Post won’t make that crystal clear to its readers.
It wants the focus to be on Palin, the conservative wife and mother that media
feminists abhor and detest.

The paper added, “One
U.S. law enforcement official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because
of the sensitivity of the issue, said the FBI does not conduct any kind of
background checks or criminal history searches on behalf of political
candidates or parties.”

The paper should have
said that the FBI doesn’t conduct any kind of background checks or criminal
history search of the candidates themselves. And that includes Obama, who is,
after all, at the top of the Democratic ticket.

We are witnessing an
incredibly strange situation in which Obama can avoid a background check and
get access to national security information, but the people he appoints to
high-level government positions―if he becomes president―may be subject to an
FBI probe. And the process of turning over this information to Obama, despite
the lingering questions about his mysterious and controversial background, has
already begun.

If he becomes president,
Obama will have instant access to all of our nation’s most highly classified
intelligence information. And the FBI won’t dare tap Obama’s phones to find out
if the information is being shared with hostile foreign interests. Indeed,
Obama will be picking the head of the FBI.

Advisers to John McCain
are complaining that Palin is being unfairly investigated, as part of a
campaign to damage the Republican ticket, and that Obama has escaped serious
scrutiny. That’s a valid point. But the Republican National Committee has
treated questions about Obama’s background and associates as a laughing matter,
launching a Facebook parody site for the Democratic presidential candidate.

The “Barackbook” website treats Obama’s
friendly associations over the years with figures such as communist Frank
Marshall Davis and terrorist Bill Ayers as amusing. The GOP is apparently
trying to make a serious point through comedy. But associations with communists
and terrorists are a serious matter that should be taken seriously.

In contrast to the
Republicans, who have been caught flat-footed by the media feeding frenzy over
Palin, the Obama Democrats are taking all of these matters very seriously. The
Obama campaign covered up the Davis matter for
many months before issuing a report that falsely portrayed Davis as a civil rights activist. Our media,
not surprisingly, have failed to expose any of this.

The Obama campaign has
also fought back hard against a private group that raised the issue in a television
ad of Obama’s friendly association with Bill Ayers. The Obama campaign has
demanded that the group be investigated by the Justice Department and that the
ad be rejected for airing by television stations. This is an indication that
President Obama will use the Justice Department and the FBI to go after his
political enemies.

The rather mild ad, which simply
points out the basic facts about Ayers and his involvement in a campaign of
bombings, was erroneous in the sense that it portrayed Ayers as a domestic
terrorist and his Weather Underground organization as an “American terrorist
group.” The FBI has an
entire file
, available on its website, which includes information on the
“international travels” of the Ayers group. “This organization described itself
as a revolutionary organization of communist men and women,” the FBI says, in
typical bureaucratic jargon. Ayers and his comrades were getting training and
advice from communists in Havana and Hanoi. Ayers and Dohrn
are both still active in radical causes, and Ayers has traveled down to Venezuela to
sing the praises of the anti-American ruler there.

Ayers, now a professor
and specialist in education matters, could be the Secretary of Education in an
Obama Administration if a Democratic Senate confirms him. Such an appointment
could not be ruled out in view of the media’s failure to hold Obama responsible
for his connections to Ayers and other unsavory characters.

Interestingly, the
Weather Underground information was prepared by the FBI’s Chicago field office.

So the intelligence
community is now briefing a candidate whose associates, communist terrorists
Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, were the subjects of an investigation by the
same FBI office where the briefing is taking place. The FBI office in Chicago is also where the
investigation of communist Frank Marshall Davis began. The investigation was
transferred to Hawaii when Davis moved there. 

But don’t expect the
media to notice any of this. They’re too busy nosing around Palin’s family.

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