Accuracy in Media

The presidential campaign for former U.S. senator and Obama vice president Joe Biden has been rocky since he announced his bid to challenge President Donald Trump.
Much of the criticism stems from comments Biden made during his three decades as senator and his time as vice president.
His campaign has survived gaffe after gaffe on the campaign trail, for example:
• Fabricating a war story from 200 in the Middle East,
• Telling a New Hampshire audience that he is “not going nuts,”
• Confusing Keene, New Hampshire as a city in Vermont,
• Claiming he was vice president during the Parkland, Florida mass shooting, and
• Saying that “poor kids are just as bright as white kids.”
Biden’s campaign is unhappy about media coverage of his campaign and an anonymous adviser told Politico that the age gap between Biden, 76, and the reporters covering his campaign is to blame. Politico wrote the following about attending a campaign event for Biden:
“The first thing you notice at a Joe Biden event is the age: Many of the reporters covering him are really young. Biden is not. The press corps, or so the Biden campaign sees it, is culturally liberal and highly attuned to modern issues around race and gender and social justice. Biden is not. The reporters are Extremely Online. Biden couldn’t tell you what TikTok is.”
In other words, Biden’s team insinuated that the press corps is not only liberal or left-leaning, but is actively undermining his presidential campaign due to their liberal cultural views, their lack of experience, and the lack of connection with an older politician.
Advisers, according to Politico, “range from bemusement to rage in their frustration with how he has been treated by the press and many liberal elites.” Another anonymous source in the Biden camp said that “most of [the press corps] were in college when Barack Obama ran for president and they have fundamentally no understanding and experience in how politics works.” The source added that the young press corps has not covered a true competitive primary as the 2016 race was not competitive in the source’s mind.
Politico also reported that Biden’s team is “awfully resentful of how their man is being covered” in the campaign cycle and that “he gets no respect from the people who make conventional wisdom on the left.”
One adviser argued that instead of focusing on Biden’s gaffes, the media should focus on his durability as a candidate to take as many political body blows as he has.
The article contrasted Biden supporters, who are often older, working-class and cultural conservative individuals, to the liberal media. In Biden supporters’ minds, “these alleged gaffes are eye-rolling examples of the absurdity of the press of the woke left.” Politico pointed out that despite them criticism of his campaign and his multiple on-the-trail gaffes, Biden’s support has not diminished and remains the front-runner in the primary.
Interestingly enough, the Politico article confirmed not only the issues facing the Biden campaign, but also what many Americans believe: the media is liberal and is ideologically biased.

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