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Republican Ari Fleisher, a former White House press secretary, called New York Times reporters  Frances Robles, Glenn Thrush and Audra D. S. Burch on their reporting on the Florida midterm elections recount.

“Mr. Scott maintained a slim lead over his opponent. Ron DeSantis, a fiery conservative and enthusiastic ally of President Trump, held onto a more substantial lead in the race for governor, avoiding a next round of recounts despite the vow of his Democratic opponent, Mayor Andrew Gillum of Tallahassee, to push the authorities to count additional ballots,” the reporters wrote, failing to mention that DeSantis is a member of the U.S. Congress for Florida’s 6th district.

In response, Fleisher tweeted a photo of the New York Times’ phrasing: “According to the NYT, DeSantis is a ‘fiery conservative’ while Gillum is a ‘Mayor’. Why isn’t Gillum labeled an ‘angry liberal’ or a ‘left-wing advocate’? Why aren’t the labels a more parallel Congressman and Mayor? Nope. The R gets an ideological warning label. The D doesn’t.”

The Times reported that “In results reported by the Florida secretary of state, Mr. DeSantis held a 33,683-vote lead over Mr. Gillum, a margin of 0.41 percentage points — enough to avoid an order by state officials for a manual recount.

Mr. Gillum said he would continue his push to have all ballots — including some of those initially rejected because of mismatched signatures or other problems — counted before any election results were certified.

‘A vote denied is justice denied — the State of Florida must count every legally cast vote,’ he said in a statement.”

The Times did not point out the irony in its own reporting that the candidate refusing to concede and acknowledge the duly-elected results of his state isn’t the “fiery” one, it’s the mayor.

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