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AP Retracts False Claim Trump Contradicted Ambassador’s Testimony

The Associated Press retracted a false claim that President Donald Trump “contradicted” the testimony of Ambassador Gordon Sondland in congressional testimony yesterday when he said he wanted “nothing” from Ukraine.

In a now-deleted tweet, the Associated Press’ false claim [1] blatantly ignores what Sondland actually testified that Trump said.

Sondland testified that Trump specifically told him [2] “I want no quid pro quo.”

“He just said I want nothing, I want nothing,” Sondland said in his testimony before the House Intelligence Committee. “I want no quid pro quo.”

Sondland also testified that the president never linked aid to investigations [3], nor did he link any preconditions to anything. [4]

“President Trump never told me directly that the aid was conditioned on the meetings,” Sonderland said during the committee hearing.

“Did the president ever tell you personally about any preconditions for anything?” Steve Castor, the committee’s Republican counsel, asked Sondland during the hearing.

“No,” Sondland said.