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AP White House reporter Jonathan Lemire said Monday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that in wake of the California synagogue attack, President Donald Trump could provoke another one because he calls out liberal media bias.

This flawed connection — connecting a violent anti-Semitic crime with the president’s refusal to accept the onslaught of liberal bias in the mainstream media — is a flagrant example of why conservatives have such distrust in the media.

Lemire said that Trump went through the motions of offering condolences in the wake of the Poway, California shooting and that the president could “inspire another attack before too long.”

“On Saturday, just hours after this [synagogue] shooting, he appeared at a rally in Wisconsin which was meant as counter-programming to the White House correspondents’ dinner,” Lemire said.

“And the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, we all can have feelings about that, but what happened there that night, and I was in the room, was a moment of silence for the shooting, but also a real expression of support for the First Amendment and for journalists around the world who have been threatened, who have been attacked, who have been killed.

“That same night, as the president, after he did, again, acknowledge, he gave his condolences in what happened in San Diego, he referred to the media as ‘sick people,’ and he continued bashing the press. He cheered as there was a derogatory chant that went up about another cable network. That again, he tries to have it both ways, it seems, where he wants to occasionally hit the notes of the president who’s the comforter-in-chief but at the same time stir up the divisions that so often lead to violence, and one fears, could inspire another attack before too long.”

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