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A federal judge in New York is still deciding who should get to review the materials seized in a no-knock raid on the home, hotel room and office of Michael Cohen, who is one of President Trump’s attorneys. Cohen has not been charged with anything.

But according to the Washington Post and another bevy of unnamed sources – augmented by uninvolved lawyers and academics chosen for their dependability in providing quotes that fit the narrative like a well-worn shoe – “President Trump and his allies have hit a new level of anxiety after a raid on his personal attorney’s office.”

The president and his staff are “more than concerned that they don’t know exactly what is in those records and electronic devices seized last week.”

The unnamed sources – the Post says there were five this time – say the Cohen raid is having an impact.

“Trump’s moods have grown darker in recent days, as he lashes out at the ‘overreach’ of the raid,” the Post reported.

“Further angering the president is that the raid was triggered in part by a referral from special counsel Robert Mueller, who is looking into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.”

They’re also concerned Cohen could strike a deal to plead to the crimes he has not been charged with, then turn against Trump to save his own skin.

“Though Cohen once said he ‘would take a bullet’ for Trump, he is aware of the possible outcome – including potential prison time – and has expressed worry about his family, said a person who has spoken to the lawyer in recent days but is not authorized to discuss private conversations.

Whatever Cohen decides, it’s bad for Trump and bad for his presidency, according to people with no direct knowledge of the story.

“’I think it’s a huge minefield for Donald Trump and the Trump organization,’” the Post quotes attorney Joseph Cammarata as saying. “’I think this is on its own track, and this train is coming down the track with brute force.’”

Cammarata was Paula Jones’ attorney in her sexual harassment suit against Bill Clinton. How that qualified him to deliver the death sentence to the Trump presidency was not stated.

Another lawyer surmised that the evidence seized from Cohen, which no one has seen and which has led to no charges and which may not have much to do with Trump at all, may be seen by the president’s staff as more threatening than the Mueller investigation into Russia election ties.

“’I agree with the consensus forming that it’s very dangerous for the president, probably the most serious thing yet,’ said Sol Wisenberg, a defense attorney who was a deputy independent counsel during the Starr special counsel investigation into Clinton. ‘Even if you shut Mueller down some way, how do you shut down the Southern District [of New York, the federal court that ordered the warrant executed against Cohen?’”

The Post has made several claims into how mad Trump is at various developments and what rash actions he is on the verge of taking as a result. This is another of those stories, which – outside random elements – never seem to materialize. But the Post doesn’t mind being spun as long as the spin is anti-Trump.

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