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Anderson Cooper Dismisses Work of Ivanka Trump

Mainstream media figures such as Anderson Cooper have often accused President Trump of sexism, yet they are unfettered in their sexist dismissals of female conservatives.
Live on CNN, Cooper dismissed Ivanka Trump’s work in the White House [1] without any historical context about family members of the Kennedys, Clintons and Bushes serving together in the White House.

“Part of CNN’s reporting is that Ivanka Trump wanted high-level clearance so she could study briefing books on foreign trips,” Cooper said. “Why is she in the White House? Like, what does she actually do?”

Ivanka Trump has represented the United States and the Trump family on multiple trips abroad, and her new W-GDP initiative [2]has the potential to improve the lives of billions of women around the globe. She has also worked to help expand job training and diversify educational opportunities and empower women.

But Cooper ignored all this in his line of questioning with reporter Maggie Haberman, who responded in kind by implying that Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner wanted to obtain security clearances because they were on a power trip and wanting juicy, “addictive” information.

“In terms of foreign trips, it’s a great question,” Haberman said. “The way it was described to me by people who were around at the time was that Jared Kushner sat in on one briefing early on during the transition and he enjoyed it, he liked being a part of it. And wanted more. I think that there is an addictive quality to having access to this kind of information. What exactly Ivanka Trump needs to do with that information is unclear. She does have certain programs that she has pushed for that have global impact. but those are primarily economic, not national security based.”

Cooper further attacked the Trump family: “Do you get the sense that he understands the presidency isn’t supposed to be a family business or is it just that’s the way the Trump organization was, and he sees no reason not to just continue with that?”

Neither Cooper nor Haberman considered precedent in other White Houses about family members and security clearances, including whether the clearances were needed for proactive policymaking or simply a matter of protocol to ensure family members were not exposed to classified information.