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AIM Rolls Out New Rating System to Monitor Media Credibility

Last week’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner was the perfect illustration [1]of how the mainstream media is out of touch with millions of American voters and is failing to fairly represent them.

The comedian, who was hand-picked by journalists covering the White House, illustrated a lack of balance and respect for conservatives. She exhibited clear (and vulgar) bias against conservatives rather than taking equal shots.

To help rebuild public trust in our civic discourse, the team at Accuracy in Media are excited today to release our new rating system to monitor news stories’ credibility.

As first reported in The Daily Wire [2], we launched the new system because we strongly believe in the importance of correcting the record, calling out bias in the media and shedding a light on stories the media often ignore.

Under our scorecard, we’ll rate each story on a five-color scale ranging from Accurate (Green Light) to Fake News (Red Light), along with a description of the rating. The system will ensure our readers have a fair shot at sifting through the information and misinformation floating in our journalistic ecosystem. We’ll rate each story from Accurate to Fake News and after giving each story a rating, we will be explaining why it has been given that particular rating.

Stories we believe are “Debatable” in accuracy will flag these types of imbalance we see in coverage. Stories we believe are “Misleading” we will do our best to flag; often this error is due to omission of key facts rather than an overt commission of factual or biased error. Stories that exhibit “Clear Bias” will be designated as such by AIM what we perceive as lacking proper context or nuance.

The complete AIM scale:

Our new AIM rating system will help ensure we provide an accurate account of what the mainstream media is covering for our readers.

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