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Peter Schweizer, author of the book Clinton Cash, discusses topics including the Clinton Foundation scandal and the media’s coverage of his research. He was interviewed by AIM intern Alex Nitzberg.

From the interview:

“So, what the Clintons have done is basically create an apparatus that now allows foreign oligarchs to influence the highest levels of our government in a way that they never have before because they now have a vehicle to put money in the pockets of America’s political leaders.”

“And so, when Clinton Cash came out last year, The Washington Post, The New York Times, a lot of outlets covered it, and they covered it fairly, and I think those reporters are still great reporters. But I think that the pressure from above and the decisions made by the editors much more starts to conform this time of year around the idea that we don’t want to be the one who leads to, in this case, Hillary Clinton not winning the presidency. And so I think the coverage is effected as a result…”

Listen to the link below for the full interview.


Alex Nitzberg is an intern at the American Journalism Center at Accuracy in Media and Accuracy in Academia. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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