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AIM Editor Roger Aronoff appeared Saturday, November 12 on The Don Smith radio show to talk about the recent election results and the mainstream media’s reaction.

“Well, I think it was really unprecedented in [terms of] the weight that the media put against [Donald] Trump, in favor of Hillary [Clinton],” said Aronoff. “They tried and tried, and with every late night comedian, talk show, there was across the board. It was even planted in the evening scripted shows, like ‘Madam Secretary’ and all that.”

“But, overall, The New York Times, The Washington Post—they are just in a state of confusion, depression, but yet they’re still determined to go after Trump even now after the election, and it’s really quite remarkable to watch,” he said.

It wasn’t only journalists in the mainstream media that opposed Trump, but also conservative columnists, noted Aronoff. “But there were many others—George Will and Bill Kristol—who never came around,” he said. “And you had to wonder what they were hoping for, because really if the race had wound up very close, and [if] Trump had lost, I think a lot of people would have held them responsible for not helping to bring out the conservatives and bring them to support Trump at the end.”

Trump won because he wasn’t afraid to confront controversial issues or go for his opponents’ weaknesses. Previous candidates such as John McCain and Mitt Romney “pulled their punches, so to speak,” said Aronoff. But Trump went after Clinton’s corruption and Obama’s legacy.

On election night, said Aronoff, “I was switching around and watching…Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow, and they seemed so confident at the beginning that this was their night all the way.”

“And you see it in Hollywood, in the news, the late night shows—I mean, they’re acting like we just suffered another 9/11,” Aronoff said. “But, frankly, I think what happened here in this race is that there was a huge uncounted group of people who were afraid to get up and say, ‘I’m supporting Trump.’”

You can listen to the entire interview here. (scroll to 35:20 for the intro and start of interview)

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