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Accuracy in Media (AIM) Editor Roger Aronoff appeared on December 31 on the Jim Parisi Show on Power-Talk radio, KEVT-AM, in Tucson, Arizona. The intended subject was Aronoff’s article on the “Top 10 Misreported or Underreported Stories of 2015.” But the interview wound up covering a variety of topics, including the mainstream media’s slanted campaign coverage, and the history of AIM.

“We were the first to identify ourselves as a media watchdog group,” said Aronoff about AIM on Parisi’s show. “We were founded by Reed Irvine, a former Marine intelligence officer in World War II who became an economist with the Fed for many years…” Irvine “made a political journey from the left to the right after traveling around the world seeing what worked and what didn’t,” said Aronoff.

Aronoff’s start in journalism was back in 1968 when he covered the Democratic convention in Chicago in 1968, writing for a weekly newspaper in Houston, Texas. He continued writing for that paper for more than 20 years. One day in the early 1990s, he called AIM, a group he had admired for a long time, and immediately got through to Mr. Irvine. “I’ve been here now 19 years, [have] been the editor at AIM for the last five years,” said Aronoff. Yet, he said, he has never seen a year like the one coming up.

The mainstream media are maintaining their double standard for presidential candidates, often making frivolous claims against Republican candidates, while for the most part, Democratic candidates receive softball questions, he argued. “You’ll get an occasional Fact Checker piece by Glenn Kessler of The Washington Post, but there’s never any sort of sustained narrative about [for example, Hillary Clinton’s integrity]. And it’s a perfect example of the complete double standard that exists with the media.”

If the mainstream media are going to cover Trump’s alleged sexism, then it cannot overlook Bill Clinton’s sordid history. “Well, it’s very interesting because [Donald] Trump even made it clear that the only reason he’s going there is because Hillary accused him of sexism,” said Aronoff. “So, if we’re going to go there then Bill Clinton of course is fair game.”

“And there’s so many other things, other than sexual and perjury issues, related to [the Clintons which] should be looked at seriously—about FileGate and TravelGate and ChinaGate—to give them a ‘gate’ word each,” said Aronoff. “But there are very serious, substantive scandals behind each of those.”

Add to that the more recent EmailGate, and it seems that the Clinton controversies never stop. “And I wrote a piece, ‘Does the truth matter to Hillary supporters?’” said Aronoff. “I mean with everything we know that’s come out even just this year between her emails, her handling of classified materials—that would have put most people in jail by now.”

Trump’s popularity is due, in part, to the anger of the Republican base. Those voters are also angry at the Republican establishment over the $1.1 trillion spending bill that they helped pass, argued Aronoff. “The base looks at this and says, ‘What good does a Republican majority of the House and Senate do if they just give Obama everything he wants and won’t fight for anything?’”

“Buckle up—2016 is going to be a year like no other,” Aronoff predicted. “I’m personally fascinated to see what’s coming.”

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