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AIM Editor Roger Aronoff appeared on January 19 on the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Conservative Commandos Radio Show to talk about his recent column, “Obama’s Iranian Nuke Deal is a Major Challenge for Trump.”

On the show, Aronoff discussed how the U.S. government-run RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty had recently published a column citing the Iran deal as “signed.” “The problem is, nothing was ever signed,” he said.

“And the way this came out was Representative Mike Pompeo [R-KS], who was recently appointed by Trump to be the new CIA Director, kept pressing the State Department, ‘let me see the agreement, let’s see the signed agreement,’” said Aronoff. The reply from the State Department’s Julia Frifield stated, Aronoff said, that the Iran deal was “neither an executive agreement nor is it a signed agreement.” In other words, it was unenforceable. On his website Pompeo called the Iran deal little more than a press release.

“Really what happened is Obama was so determined to add this as a legacy item that he did this deal even though they couldn’t really agree on the terms,” said Aronoff.

“The media continue to say that this signed deal, this was signed. And it’s not signed,” Aronoff continued. “The State Department has acknowledged it, it’s still up today on Pompeo’s website, where he points out how meaningless this is. And that explains why Iran has been so flagrant in just violating everything about it.”

He added that “…yet just like so many other things the media treat this as another great achievement of Obama’s legacy, that he stopped Iran from getting the nuclear weapons when no one else could do it.”

Aronoff criticized the media for continuing to call the administration scandal-free, pointing to stonewalling by former IRS employee Lois Lerner and the destruction of documents. “The media has completely failed at their job of holding this administration accountable, and so Obama has realized he can get away with these lies,” he said.

Aronoff predicted that as president, Donald Trump will hold the Iranians accountable, and as a result he will be called irresponsible. “So what will happen, then, I think is Trump will appear to be taking a hard line, and the Iranians will pull out and of course the critics will say, ‘Look, he’s an irresponsible, crazy man…Look, we’re going to have nuclear war with Iran because Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing,’” said Aronoff. This is one of the many so-called landmines that President Obama is “leaving behind for Trump to have to deal with,” he said. “So, there’s sort of all these traps [that] are being set for him. And it’s going to be interesting to see how well he can tweet himself out of this.”

You can listen to the entire interview here:

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