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AIM Editor Roger Aronoff appeared on November 7 on the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Conservative Commandos Radio Show to talk about his special report, “The Hillary Clinton File.”

“We wanted to put together as clear and a complete picture of Hillary Clinton’s career going back into the 90s and what they were doing when they were first in the White House for eight years,” said Aronoff.

“So we had a documentary that we did back then called ‘The Clinton Legacy,’ and that’s part of this report,” said Aronoff. “But we wanted to focus on the various things from Libya, Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation, the email scandal—which I always like to say is not really an email scandal it’s a national security scandal because it’s all about her putting classified material on an unsecured server basically every day for four years.”

The election is November 8, and either candidate could win. But Aronoff cautioned that no matter who wins the election “there’s always going to be stuff to talk about because, at least for us, from the media point of view they’re always going to live up to their reputation of always covering for the Left and bashing the Right for the littlest things.”

“So, from our point of view we’re going to have plenty to do either way,” he said.

The liberal media and Clinton campaign have dishonestly claimed that FBI Director James Comey recently exonerated Hillary Clinton from culpability over her email scandal. “Comey, in his letter [on Sunday], when they say that he basically exonerated Hillary, what he really did was [say that] all of his conclusions in July remained,” said Aronoff.

Pointing to Comey’s testimony before Congress, Aronoff noted, “She said none of it [her email] was marked classified. He said that wasn’t true. She said she turned over all her work-related emails. He said that’s not true. There were thousands that weren’t turned over. He said, ‘No, there were multiple devices.’ It turned out there were some 13 including a couple that were destroyed with hammers.”

“So this idea,” continued Aronoff, “this last ten days when we’ve all been waiting to see what’s in these 650,000 emails that supposedly the FBI has gone through in the last week—it’s really a distraction because it suggests that there weren’t enough smoking guns out there before this to put another person away for life.”

Comey has said that Hillary Clinton was “extremely careless,” noted Aronoff. Comey “said, ‘Yes, she did have classified material’ but he couldn’t find criminal intent and no reasonable prosecutor would take this case on. Well, a lot of reasonable prosecutors came out and said, ‘Hell no, I would have taken that case and prosecuted.’”

Aronoff has previously detailed how the fix was in on the FBI investigation from the very beginning.

Among the debacles promoted by the Clintons, in addition to Clinton Foundation pay-for-play, the loss of life in Benghazi, the overthrow of our War on Terror ally Muammar Qaddafi, and other scandals, is the perpetuation of the myth of the Iran deal.

“Another one that I like to bring up, which really hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves, is this Iran deal, which she [Hillary] takes credit for along with Obama,” said Aronoff. “And the truth about the Iran deal is that there really is no Iran deal.…And finally [the State Department] sent [a letter to Congressman Mike Pompeo (R-KS)] and said ‘look, there is no signed agreement,’ that this is not a treaty, this is strictly a series of political commitments…”

Aronoff cautioned that Accuracy in Media does not take sides in an election, nor does it endorse specific candidates. However, he said, Donald Trump has “touched a couple of chords with the country.”

“One is [that] he stands up there and fearlessly talks about how corrupt and incompetent the Clintons are and…the Obama administration has been,” said Aronoff.  “And the other thing that sits well with us is his criticism of the media, how dishonest they are.”

After the election—no matter the result—we will still have a dishonest media, and Accuracy in Media will continue to fight to hold these journalists accountable.

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