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Accuracy in Media Editor Roger Aronoff was a guest on “Cavuto Coast to Coast” on May 16 on the Fox Business Network. The topic was the media double standard when covering the presidential candidates, a hypocrisy most notably on display in a recent New York Times article on how Donald Trump treats women.

After the Times article came out, one of the main women in their story, former Trump girlfriend Rowanne Brewer Lane, called out the Times’ reporters and said that they deceptively skewed her story negatively. “They told me several times and my manager several times that it would not be a hit piece and that my story would come across the way that I was telling it and honestly, and it absolutely was not,” Lane told Fox & Friends.

“And really, I’m not sure this is an avenue that the Times or the…Clinton candidacy wants to go down, because really [Hillary Clinton] is selling her candidacy as a co-presidency with Bill, a return to the good old days of Bill Clinton,” said Aronoff on Cavuto’s show.

Also, “This wasn’t very harmful to Trump, this whole New York Times piece,” argued Aronoff.

Whereas the Times wrote about Trump’s alleged mistreatment of women, Mr. Clinton himself has been accused of raping a woman. “And she [Juanita Broaddrick] credibly claimed that Bill Clinton raped her back in 1979, and there’s contemporaneous testimony to back that up,” said Aronoff. “And Hillary herself has said [in the] not too distant past that anyone who claims to have been raped or assaulted should be believed.”

But the mainstream media continue to advocate for a Clinton victory. This media double standard means that reporters continue to build up the Democratic candidate while seeking to undercut the support for the GOP.

“Yes, and I think their game has been thrown off its course because they [the media] were all anticipating a Republican convention that was going to be contested, disputed, brokered, whatever,” said Aronoff. “Now it’s looking like the real problems are at the Democratic convention where Bernie Sanders refuses to go away, promises to go after every superdelegate, and fight every plank on the platform.”

While this is “not the drama the media were counting on or expecting,” Aronoff said, the media will continue to support a Hillary Clinton presidency at any cost.

You can watch Aronoff’s recent appearance on “Cavuto Coast to Coast” here.

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