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Accuracy in Media Editor Roger Aronoff was a guest on “Cavuto Coast to Coast” on June 26 on the Fox Business Network to discuss reasons for the public’s lack of faith in the press.

Kyle Courtney, a Donald Trump supporter from Texas, placed an ad on a billboard criticizing ABC News for its slanted reporting on alleged Russia collusion. “Kyle Courtney is speaking for a lot of people,” said Aronoff on Cavuto’s show. “Accuracy in Media has been around nearly 50 years talking about the liberal bias in the media. So we’re very familiar with it.”

“And recently this Harvard Shorenstein study that shows the first hundred days or so of the Trump administration, how the coverage has been—particularly CNN and NBC—93 percent negative,” said Aronoff, who questioned those results because he still hasn’t “seen seven percent positive coverage on either network.”

In fact, CNN and ABC news were recently embarrassed by printing the assertions of anonymous sources who were wrong about former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony. “CNN and ABC both reported two days before Comey’s testimony earlier this month that he was going to be saying, ‘No, I did not tell [Trump] that [that he was not under investigation],’” said Aronoff. “But two days later [Comey] said that he had said that, which put to shame their anonymous sources and brings into question so many other anonymous sources.”

“And I tell you what they really should be investigating,” argued Aronoff. “There should be a special counsel looking into Hillary [Clinton’s] collusion with the Russians. We have Skolkovo, Uranium One, [John] Podesta’s ties. We have Obama during the election saying that Hillary was just careless.”

But the Democrat-Media complex is not going to report fairly. “And when you look at…what we call the incest between the Democratic Party and the major networks,” said Aronoff, “For instance, [then-ABC News president] Ben Sherwood, his sister was on Obama’s National Security Council, as was David Rhodes, the president of CBS News. His brother, Ben Rhodes, was the deputy national security advisor for Obama.”

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