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After Series of Anti-Trump Covers, Time Magazine Fawns Over Democratic Candidate

Time magazine, which has published several anti-Trump front covers, gave the opposite treatment to Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, giving him the royal front-cover treatment with a fawning, multi-page spread [1] that amounts to free advertising for his campaign.

Gushing over Buttigieg’s family life as “infused with the exuberant contentment,” writer Charlotte Alter sounds like a campaign site copywriter, even offering some free market positioning language: “His platform is “Freedom, Security and Democracy,” which wouldn’t sound out of place coming from a Bush-era Republican yet actually harks back to Franklin Delano Roosevelt.”

Alter calls Buttigieg a “fresh face” and that many “Democrats are hungry for generational change.” She opines that “Buttigieg is a master of redefinition, a translator for a party that has found it increasingly difficult to speak to the voters who elected President Donald Trump.”

What Alter doesn’t seem to realize is that her anti-Trump media publication by publishing such consistently anti-Republican articles and pro-Democratic ones that she is perpetuating the same cultural divides that she identifies in her Buttigieg hagiography.