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CNN’s Jim Acosta traveled across the pond to continue his hyperboles against President Trump pushing back on liberal bias in the mainstream media.

Speaking at an event at the student-led Oxford Union Society, a debating and public lecture group at Oxford University in the United Kingdom, as reported by The Guardian, Acosta said: “Perhaps they won’t stop calling us the enemy of the people because it works so well with their people, but all of this adds up to one painful reality: this is a dangerous time to tell the truth in America.”

Yet in reporting around Acosta’s address, the CNN White House reporter appeared to make no acknowledgment that millions of Americans say they feel like the mainstream media is biased, evidence shown in many sources, including a new report by Pew Research Center that 73 percent of Republicans say that the national mainstream media does not understand “people like them,” according to the report.

The Guardian said that people who are wary of media bias can create “an atmosphere where people can get hurt, where journalists can get murdered.”

Acosta then reportedly advocated that journalists move beyond objective reporting into confrontation and activism.

“Are we supposed to roll over? Are we supposed to take it?” asked Acosta, according to the Guardian. “Some colleagues say to just take it, but I’m still thinking about the folks at home, thinking about my own kids, are we supposed to let the bully beat us up at the playground every day?”

Acosta also reportedly called Fox News a “beast of many heads” with “forces on that network that act as propagandist for Trump”.

Acosta is currently writing a book on his what he has said is his “frightening” experiences covering the Trump administration titled, The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America.

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