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I was glad to represent Accuracy In Media today in a video interview featured on President Trump’s Facebook page and give a roundup of some of the worst mainstream media bias trends we saw in 2018.

With a headline of “Media Distorting The Truth About The Border Crisis,” today’s video was conversation with Lara Trump, daughter-in-law of the President, that also called out media bias against how President Trump has handled our immigration crisis.

This is the second video I was able to record for AIM with Lara for the President’s Facebook page.

“I will never back down when it comes to fighting for the security of the American people,” the president said his Facebook post today. “The Democrats and mainstream media know we need strong border security, but they don’t want to give ‘Trump’ another win!”

Lara and I discussed how the mainstream media has treated President Trump with totally different standards compared to Democrats like former President Obama, who in 2014 also said there is a humanitarian crisis at the border, and Hillary Clinton, who voted for a physical barrier on the southern border while she was a Senator.

We discussed how media outlets like the Washington Post cherry are picking on border facts and taking sides in the border debate, even while they are ostensibly neutral observers.

Lara and I also discussed AIM reporting on a Monmouth University poll showing 77 percent of Americans believe the media creates fake news, and that 65 percent said fake news includes biased or slanted news coverage, not just factually inaccurate information.

We also discussed AIM’s reporting on how The Washington Post gave favorable coverage to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her decades of political experience while diminishing President Trump’s career–even though many Americans voted for President Trump because he was a political outsider.

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