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New Yorker and HBO correspondent Ronan Farrow unloaded on CBS News staff who allegedly covered up sexual harassment at the network.

A.J. Katz at TV Newser reported about Farrow’s comments at the Syracuse Newhouse School’s 13th Annual Mirror Awards.

“‘When you work in television, you often run into people who talk about media reporting like it’s something soft or supplemental,’ said Farrow. ‘Being in this room with these reporters I admire so much who are on this beat, and reporting this story on CBS are both reminders that is not true. Not even close.’”

Farrow was at the awards ceremony to pick up the John M. Higgins Award For Best In-Depth/Enterprise Reporting for his The New Yorker reporting on sexual harassment by former CBS chairman and CEO Les Moonves (Moonves subsequently resigned last September).

More, via Katz:

Farrow added: “When a culture of corruption and cover up flourishes at a major news organization, at one of our great institutions of reporting – when there are lies being told to us by networks we trust, the cost is not just trust in those institutions, the cost is our democracy, it’s our future, it’s our freedoms. Reporting on ourselves is one of the most important things that we can do as journalists. It means burning bridges, sometimes. It means alienating people; it means giving up job opportunities. It’s not always easy. I look out across this room, and I’ll be completely honest, and you’ll have to forgive me – I’m on deadline, I haven’t slept; but I see some people who have lied to protect power in the way we’re all decrying today. People who have lied to the public. People who have lied to The New Yorker; and after we fact-checked, they came back and apologized for lying.”

It was not clear which specific executives he was speaking about.

But Farrow –who proceeded to bring his fact-checker on stage with him– also noted that there are a far greater number of people out there who are pushing back on a culture of corruption.

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