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Yoni Appelbaum, senior editor of The Atlantic, offered his readers an incomplete and biased assessment of the Trump presidency in his long, cover article calling for a hasty impeachment process of President Trump.

Appelbaum accuses Trump of “subverting the rule of law or pursuing his own self-interest at the expense of the general welfare,” without considering that by trying to pressure the U.S. House to impeach the president without considering the downsides and without sufficient evidence, Appelbaum could himself be subverting the will of the people and imposing his own self-interest on American voters.

“He has set himself against the American idea, the principle that all of us—of every race, gender, and creed—are created equal,” Appelbaum writes. “This is not a partisan judgment. Many of the president’s fiercest critics have emerged from within his own party. Even officials and observers who support his policies are appalled by his pronouncements, and those who have the most firsthand experience of governance are also the most alarmed by how Trump is governing … With every passing day, Trump further undermines our national commitment to America’s ideals.”

Appelbaum quotes John McCain and Mitt Romney criticizing the president, yet offers no mention of Trump’s high approval ratings within the GOP and among many voters who believe that the president is an equal-opportunity defender of American interests and ideals and has refused to allow Europeans and other countries to continue to gain benefits from American taxpayers without shouldering more of their own defense burdens.

“He pledged to ban entry to the United States on the basis of religion, and did his best to follow through,” wrote Appelbaum, without mentioning that the president created travel restrictions not based on religion, but based on terrorist threats identified previously by the Obama administration. Appelbaum also doesn’t mention that multiple court rulings have supported President Trump’s authority to restrict entry of non-citizens for national security reasons.

“By delaying the start of the process, in the hope that even clearer evidence will be produced by Mueller or some other source, lawmakers are delaying its eventual conclusion,” Appelbaum writes. “Better to forge ahead, weighing what is already known and incorporating additional material as it becomes available.”

In this section, Appelbaum encourages U.S. House Democrats to recklessly tear at our social fabric and undermine the will of the voters without sufficient evidence. In doing so, Appelbaum is engaging in the type of divisiness he accuses the president of.

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