Accuracy in Media

Fast Company lets pizza chain run PR campaign

Fast Company gives space to pizza store owners who say that workers should be paid much more in pizza stores. Economists call this trying to kill your competition. Good journalism would point this out rather than just allow the pizza joint owners to try to hamstring their competitors.  The backstory here is that one of […]

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M&Ms get woke

The most popular Halloween candy in America is getting a “progressive redesign”. Classic M&M characters portrayed on TV are softening traditional gender norms in favor of chocolates with a better personality according to Mars-Wrigley. Wardrobe changes include exchanging the Green M&Ms go-go boots for “cool, laid-back sneakers to reflect her effortless confidence.”, and shortening the […]

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VOX’s Recode: bad economics

It might help VOX’s Recode’s readers if Recode could learn some basic economics. They’re shouting about how great it is that wind power creates more jobs than coal-fired power does. But this is evidence that wind power is more expensive than coal power – more jobs equals higher costs. Their headline: “Biden’s offshore wind plan […]

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January 2022

1/24/2022 - Intercept jeers right-wing media in latest misunderstanding of statistics

1/24/2022 - Thanks to ESPN, College basketball goes on in full stadiums as Covid cancels college classes

1/21/2022 - Vice treats Doomsday Clock as truth despite lack of science

1/21/2022 - Fast Company lets pizza chain run PR campaign

1/21/2022 - Deadline Hollywood reveals stunning ignorance about American history

1/20/2022 - M&Ms get woke

1/20/2022 - Hey Coke? The Maoist dictatorship at the Beijing Olympics is the ‘Real Thing’

1/20/2022 - VOX’s Recode: bad economics

1/19/2022 - Outlet inadvertently reveals the danger of fact-checking Facebook

1/19/2022 - The Intercept runs puff piece propping up Social Security

1/18/2022 - Vice News: We can’t debate issues because it makes people sad

1/17/2022 - The Sun equates conservativism to meth addiction, drunk driving in effort to politicize Bob Saget’s death

1/17/2022 - Vox cries: ‘Long-live bipartisanship, bipartisanship is dead!’

1/17/2022 - HuffPost drums up anger by misrepresenting billionaires’ gains

1/14/2022 - Vox blames Texas Covid problem on Republicans

1/14/2022 - BuzzFeed’s financial failures are ominous for digital woke media

1/13/2022 - Vice uses false anti-capitalism argument in piece on vaccines

1/13/2022 - Fact-checkers push for YouTube to hire fact-checkers

1/13/2022 - Salon calls uses Dem report as unbiased source

1/12/2022 - Self Magazine puts woke agenda ahead of reader safety

1/11/2022 - Vice: We should not test voting machines to ensure integrity

1/10/2022 - Vice wrongly uses ‘fact check’ to prove point

1/10/2022 - Vox misses entire point of Supreme Court

1/10/2022 - Vox changes masking, lockdown rhetoric to cover for Joe Biden

1/7/2022 - Mashable pushes false info in piece lauding climate change breakthrough

1/7/2022 - Media continue to warn that ‘democracy is in danger’ – here’s what they’re missing

1/7/2022 - Vox awards ‘gold medal’ to Beijing for merciless Olympic lockdowns

1/6/2022 - Vox presents NEA board member as mere ‘high school math teacher’

1/6/2022 - The media has officially turned on Jon Stewart

1/5/2022 - Teen Vogue pushes roundup of Democrats’ comments as evidence Trump is terrible

1/5/2022 - Salon plays armchair psychologist for Trump, Biden

1/5/2022 - Twitter needs to update its abuse policies for a post-pandemic Chinese Communist Party

1/4/2022 - Media unite in push warning of Republican-led government collapse

1/4/2022 - Twitter needs to quit China now

1/3/2022 - Vox claims huge benefit of student loan forgiveness, backs it up with vacation stories

December 2021

12/31/2021 - Worst in Media No. 1 – Media Bailout

12/31/2021 - Despite praise from Vox, BuzzFeed, American Rescue Plan failed to ‘contain the virus’

12/30/2021 - Teen Vogue revives push to overthrow capitalism

12/30/2021 - Worst in Media No. 2 – The Cuomo team-up

12/29/2021 - Worst in Media No. 3 – The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

12/28/2021 - Media shows severe double standard in judging judge appointments

12/28/2021 - Fauci uses celebrity status to push mandate inconsistent with his own guidance

12/28/2021 - Worst in Media No. 4 – Reuters, other media front for Cuban regime

12/27/2021 - Worst in Media No. 5: Vice asks ‘Why are so many Marines Neo-Nazis’

12/25/2021 - Worst in Media 2021: The runners-up

12/22/2021 - Salon makes absurd argument for Build Back Better

12/22/2021 - If Fox News host should be ‘fired,’ should Fauci be, too?

12/21/2021 - Vox dumbfounded that people who have debt will be hurt more by return of debt repayments

12/21/2021 - Harry Potter reunion special erases J.K. Rowling

12/21/2021 - Vox politics reporter needs remedial civics class

12/20/2021 - Vox, NPR publish doomsday prophecies after seeming death of Build Back Better

12/20/2021 - Vice contradicts itself within the same article

12/20/2021 - Press needs to ask why science’s Covid fight has failed, because it has failed

12/17/2021 - BuzzFeed hosts own superspreader event after endless criticism of others

12/17/2021 - CRT is failing in public schools, and the media is to blame

12/16/2021 - Teen Vogue pretends to be anti-consumerism, blames stores for shoplifting

12/16/2021 - Salon suggests Fox News is the only biased outlet

12/16/2021 - Vice demonizes beloved author in piece that totally disregards the facts

12/16/2021 - Vice capitalizes on climate change hysteria

12/15/2021 - Media misinfo on billionaires and taxes comes to a head with Warren-Musk exchange

12/15/2021 - China pays American social media influencers to promote Olympics propaganda

12/14/2021 - Teen Vogue says tornadoes caused by capitalism

12/14/2021 - The press was wrong about cost of BBB to deficit, but what about BBB’s cost to inflation?  

12/14/2021 - The term Latinx may be offensive to Hispanics, but that won’t stop progressives

12/13/2021 - Business Insider wants no self-made U.S. Senators

12/13/2021 - BuzzFeed makes absurd claim about MLMs

12/13/2021 - Chicago heist begs question: Should Chicago hire own Rittenhouse to protect retailers?

12/13/2021 - Teen Vogue bungles CRT coverage again

12/10/2021 - ProPublica outraged over own misunderstanding about tax deductions

12/10/2021 - Vox declares the death of democracy because Dems might have harder time winning

12/10/2021 - Build Back Better bill essentially bribes media to support Dems

12/10/2021 - CNN should part ways with Lemon, too, if guilty of Smollett charges

12/10/2021 - Vox favors education laws supported by the KKK to keep immigrants down

12/9/2021 - Fake ‘non-partisan’ group shows true colors

12/9/2021 - Jimmy Kimmel trashes Ron DeSantis

12/8/2021 - Business Insider runs false report, cites misunderstanding of own article

12/8/2021 - Vice calls GOP ‘carpetbaggers’ as Dems face election crisis

12/7/2021 - BuzzFeed dealt major blow in SPAC deal

12/7/2021 - Intercept tries to defend Democrats for questionable ‘rising wages’

12/7/2021 - Press should ask White House why Russia chose Biden, not Trump

12/6/2021 - uses its ‘word of the year’ to demonize conservatives

12/6/2021 - Media covers for progressive policy fail as San Francisco suspends pot tax

12/6/2021 - Moderna lost $14.7 billion this week — and the media wants you to pay them more for their vaccines

12/3/2021 - BuzzFeed journalists outraged over having to follow ethics guidelines

12/3/2021 - Gallup poll confirms Vox, CNN, The Week have been misleading Americans

12/2/2021 - Vox paints parents who want input on education as villains

12/2/2021 - Teen Vogue makes bogus claims about CRT

12/2/2021 - Grassley – and America — demand real press, Congressional investigations of Hunter Biden corruption as evidence mounts

12/1/2021 - Teen Vogue drums up nonexistent race issue

12/1/2021 - Mashable uses lobbyists as expert sources

12/1/2021 - On inflation, pandemic, Biden and media have failed

November 2021

11/30/2021 - Teen Vogue, Rep. Khanna use clearly biased source in piece slamming fast fashion

11/30/2021 - Joe Rogan on Russia collusion hoax: ‘No one’s being held accountable’

11/30/2021 - Report suggests CNN’s Cuomo lied when he said he never offered advice in brother’s sex scandal

11/29/2021 - Salon tries to blame drug companies for new COVID variant

11/29/2021 - Left-leaning site tries to stir up Chick-fil-A conspiracy

11/29/2021 - Disney bows to China, removes Simpsons episode in Hong Kong

11/29/2021 - Ad featuring gay Santa shows appeasement of progressives has been a failure

11/29/2021 - Vice reports on TikTok ‘problem’ – doing things Vice doesn’t like

11/24/2021 - Another media lie proven: Brooks not fleeing crime, targeted people intentionally according to criminal complaint, arraignment

11/24/2021 - Accuracy in Media reveals Milwaukee DA in Waukesha case has deep ties to George Soros, progressives

11/23/2021 - Business Insider rewrites press release, fearmongers about Trader Joe’s

11/23/2021 - NBA star calls out China’s Xi Jinping

11/22/2021 - HuffPost skews report on Trump tax reforms

11/22/2021 - For Waukesha reactions, we can be truly unthankful to the press

11/19/2021 - Intercept wildly misinterprets point of Rittenhouse trial

11/19/2021 - Build Back Better may not work – but it will help the media

11/18/2021 - Teen Vogue: If you want stricter immigration laws, you’re defending the Great Replacement theory

11/18/2021 - Rittenhouse judge says what everyone is thinking in trashing ‘grossly irresponsible media’ 

11/18/2021 - Intercept makes questionable claim about infrastructure bill

11/17/2021 - Elon Musk hits Mashable for blatantly false claim

11/17/2021 - NPR misleads in critique of Pfizer deal

11/16/2021 - The press is the unindicted co-conspirator of Rittenhouse case 

11/15/2021 - Vice: It’s time to call basically everyone a fascist

11/15/2021 - Intercept misses key facts in blaming Saudi Arabia for inflation

11/15/2021 - Bad News Biden is good news to obliging press

11/12/2021 - The Intercept pushes wild pro-inflation argument

11/11/2021 - Teen Vogue tells half the story on the ‘Great Resignation’

11/10/2021 - Vice draws entirely wrong conclusion from Fed report

11/10/2021 - Jimmy Kimmel claims Americans only disapprove of Kamala Harris because they’re racist and sexist

11/9/2021 - Teen Vogue: Prosecuting potential criminals is unfair

11/8/2021 - Vice suggests Facebook remove views it disagrees with

11/5/2021 - Vox claims CRT isn’t being taught in schools, so it must not have won Virginia

11/5/2021 - NowThis uncritically presents one-sided report suggesting diet overhaul for climate

11/4/2021 - Teen Vogue misses the point in critique of capitalism

11/4/2021 - Vice ignores history to blame wildfires on climate change

11/3/2021 - Teen Vogue argues for ‘free’ college because college really isn’t worth it 

11/2/2021 - Vice skews data beyond recognition in article on campus crime

11/1/2021 - BuzzFeed makes ridiculous projection to sink New Orleans

October 2021

10/29/2021 - BuzzFeed distorts truth to push health care agenda

10/29/2021 - Vice claims Trump killed 130,000 by COVID, won’t examine Biden death toll 

10/28/2021 - Slate gaslights readers in push for new tax policy

10/27/2021 - Vice issues call for violence to combat climate change

10/22/2021 - Vice: COVID restrictions should only apply to those it opposes politically

10/22/2021 - HuffPost criticizes Fox’s Peter Doocy for ‘asking hard-hitting questions’

10/21/2021 - Journalists are still confused about why newspapers are losing money

10/20/2021 - BuzzFeed fear-mongers about climate change using shaky data

10/19/2021 - Vice determines what’s good for everyone based on tiny-scale success

10/19/2021 - Amazon’s ‘Mayor Pete’ shows Democratics have a friend in today’s doc filmmakers

10/18/2021 - Teen Vogue tries to take down billionaires

10/14/2021 - Facebook goes full-on woke using Critical Race Theory in new censorship policy

10/12/2021 - Press too busy carrying Biden COVID-19 policy to investigate Southwest Airlines

10/11/2021 - Salon takes enormous leap in climate change blame game

10/8/2021 - Teen Vogue only likes women in power if they’re not Republican

10/8/2021 - Teen Vogue shows hypocrisy in encouraging bullying

10/6/2021 - Teen Vogue sends grim anti-capitalism message to young readers

10/5/2021 - Jezebel supports bullying Sen. Kyrsten Sinema

10/5/2021 - ‘Squid Game’ capitalism comparisons highlight the financial illiteracy, systemic hypocrisy at BuzzFeed

10/4/2021 - The high-tech innovation of electioneering through NowThis

10/4/2021 - BuzzFeed smashes the little guy as Twitter, Facebook protect the powerful with hacked data 

10/4/2021 - My Little Pony goes woke

10/1/2021 - Politifact uses fuzzy logic to defend Dems, beat on GOP

September 2021

9/29/2021 - Popsugar claims voting protections are ‘suppression’

9/29/2021 - NYT helped create new hospital crisis over mandates

9/28/2021 - Media ignores Milley’s failure because he’s ‘woke’

9/27/2021 - Vice claims Republican candidates can steal elections

9/24/2021 - New York Times touts Fauci as ‘movie star’

9/23/2021 - Teen Vogue pushes CRT, claims ‘patriotic’ American history is an ‘erasure’

9/23/2021 - Media hides secret in $3.5 trillion spending bill

9/22/2021 - Hunter Biden laptop story confirmed despite longtime media suppression

9/22/2021 - NowThis looks to rival influence of MTV

9/22/2021 - Vice News smears Florida county as ‘the conspiracy capital of the United States’

9/21/2021 - People Magazine blames Trump for current border crisis

9/20/2021 - Have we reached peak Hollywood hypocrisy?

9/17/2021 - Federal media bailout closer to reality than ever before

9/17/2021 - Vice News sees dubious ‘racial disparities’ in fast-food advertising

9/17/2021 - Jeff Daniels pushes Critical Race Theory on Late Night with Stephen Colbert

9/16/2021 - HuffPost aghast that Democrats didn’t side with Biden

9/15/2021 - The Guardian dubs Anthony Fauci ‘Sexiest Man Alive’

9/14/2021 - Latest ‘Media Bias Chart’ pushes left-wing outlets into classrooms as credible

9/14/2021 - BuzzFeed ‘elitist’ talk reveals its hypocrisy on Met Gala, COVID, celebrities

9/14/2021 - NowThis Shows the Left’s cards on vaccine mandates

9/13/2021 - Mic conflates post-9/11 security measures and ‘Islamophobia’

9/10/2021 - Numbers show the press — and Democrats — don’t have a handle on economy

9/9/2021 - NPR revives stale ‘clump of tissue’ argument against pro-life Texas law

9/9/2021 - Teen Vogue knocks Pledge of Allegiance for ‘nativism, bigotry and salesmanship’

9/9/2021 - CNN repeatedly claims doctor gave Joe Rogan horse de-wormer

9/8/2021 - Teen Vogue commemorates attack with ‘academic freedom’ propaganda

9/8/2021 - MSNBC attempts to slur new Kanye West album, calling it ‘MAGA music’

9/8/2021 - CNN copies Stacey Abrams’ talking points on Twitter

9/7/2021 - Time’s Up implodes, celebrities flee disgraced women’s rights group

9/7/2021 - Teen Vogue drives push to stop private companies from helping destabilized regions recover

9/3/2021 - Vice founder takes investment hit as Wall Street balks at digital grifting

9/3/2021 - Vice News laments ‘the last summer of Roe v. Wade’

9/2/2021 - Teen Vogue reveals plans to bring their Marxist messages to your child’s classroom

9/2/2021 - Vox does an about-face on jobs as unemployment expires

9/2/2021 - BuzzFeed, Mic, HuffPost distort Texas abortion law

9/1/2021 - HuffPost misrepresents GOP congressman’s remark as call for violence

August 2021

8/31/2021 - This online streamer is pushing Leftist views on more than a million young Americans

8/30/2021 - John Cleese wants to get canceled

8/27/2021 - Woke site Mic praises critical race theory, tells lies

8/27/2021 - Left wing media elite try to frame military and GOP as violent radicals

8/26/2021 - 10 Marines died, but Vice News thinks Marines are bad guys

8/26/2021 - Layoffs are just the beginning of bad news for Vice and BuzzFeed

8/25/2021 - Cuomo underreported COVID deaths while media and Fauci cheered him on

8/25/2021 - Exposed: Government funding and much more to push Critical Race Theory

8/24/2021 - AIM’s Matthew Convard exposes BuzzFeed’s hypocrisy on TikTok

8/24/2021 - Did Michael Hayden edit his own Wikipedia page in Taliban-Trump controversy?

8/24/2021 - Cuomo’s Emmy revoked after AIM campaign

8/23/2021 - BuzzFeed News can’t admit it got January 6 so wrong

8/23/2021 - BuzzFeed News links Trump supporters to Taliban

8/16/2021 - Vox accuses Texas GOP of not governing as Lone Star Dems run and hide

8/16/2021 - Media covered for Biden’s lies on Afghanistan until the end

8/13/2021 - Senate’s Stop CRT Act may not catch the millions to CRT in Providence

8/11/2021 - The Daily Dot has it wrong with double standard on sexual misconduct

8/11/2021 - BuzzFeed blindly endorses Critical Race Theory

8/10/2021 - Bipartisan analysis says Biden’s taxes will hit poor and middle class

8/5/2021 - Vice advocates vaccine passports, ignoring concerns

8/4/2021 - Vox demonizes homeownership

8/3/2021 - CNN’s Chris Cuomo helped brother’s harassment “flourish and persist”

8/3/2021 - Obama fundraiser disguised as birthday party

8/2/2021 - Cancel culture comes for comedy

July 2021

7/29/2021 - New media, Dems spin a Q conspiracy

7/28/2021 - Thought Hollywood was crazy? It’s about to get crazier

7/26/2021 - ADL ignores the anti-Semitism of the left

7/23/2021 - AIM discovers who is behind the pro-Cuban Government ad in the NYT

7/22/2021 - BuzzFeed claims right’s rhetoric inspired Capitol riot

7/22/2021 - Florida Gov candidate Nikki Fried thinks media can turn state blue

7/22/2021 - Marie Claire wants to see ‘more parents having abortions in TV and film’

7/21/2021 - CNN’s Biden townhall is Happy Days with Biden as the ‘Fonz’

7/21/2021 - The media doesn’t care if schools teach the good about U.S. history, as long as they teach the bad

7/20/2021 - Vox takes to TikTok to complain about inflation, except they don’t understand inflation

7/20/2021 - Why can’t the Press give President Trump any credit for the success of Operation Warp speed vaccines?

7/19/2021 - Gossip Girl: The woke reboot no one asked for

7/16/2021 - Reuters defends socialism when socialism can’t defend itself

7/15/2021 - Does the NBA love China more than its players?

7/15/2021 - Vice calls Republicans a ‘death cult’

7/15/2021 - Democrats, progressive media and BLM support socialist Cuba over freedom protesters

7/14/2021 - NPR blames the Right for cancel culture

7/14/2021 - Vice show hypocrisy by supporting free speech for Cubans, but not Americans

7/13/2021 - Vice News says CPAC brimmed with ‘insurrectionists, extremists, and conspiracy theorists’

7/12/2021 - Why is China’s foreign propaganda news station hiring US reporters?

7/9/2021 - CNBC gets inflation wrong by letting politics warp its reporting

7/9/2021 - Is the Biden administration in cahoots with social media companies asking you to to spy on Americans?

7/7/2021 - National Education Association to collect research on those who oppose Critical Race Theory

7/7/2021 - Mother Jones, Teen Vogue say defunding police not behind soaring murder rate

7/7/2021 - Bloomberg falsely reports about Russian hackers and GOP

7/2/2021 - BLM-era workplace diversity measures aren’t enough for BuzzFeed News

7/1/2021 - Why did a Chinese propaganda group get a Small Business Administration grant?

7/1/2021 - Does Facebook think you’re an extremist?

June 2021

6/30/2021 - Vox cries ‘racism’ to opponents of Critical Race Theory 

6/30/2021 - Wall Street Journal affirms AIM reporting on unemployment benefit damage

6/29/2021 - ‘Google Search’ — like Facebook — says it will ‘detect’ fake news

6/29/2021 - Why hasn’t the Left canceled Bill Maher?

6/29/2021 - BuzzFeed, Vox, fail in more ways than just ‘diversity and inclusion’

6/25/2021 - Press sings from Harris hymnal on ‘root causes of migration’

6/24/2021 - Accuracy in Media Takes on Critical Race Theory Lies from Buzzfeed

6/23/2021 - Atlantic Council becomes attack dog; betraying their history

6/22/2021 - WaPo’s Critical Race Theory video explores White identity, White shame for White women

6/21/2021 - #deathsantis: Florida politicians, Twitter blue checks spread dangerous disinformation

6/21/2021 - Vice publication rewrites American history: badly

6/19/2021 - Vox threatened by Asian-American success

6/18/2021 - ‘Woke’ Victoria’s Secret tries to redefine beauty as trans, plus-size

6/18/2021 - Biden and Vox are using covid as the excuse for the next mortgage meltdown

6/17/2021 - The woke Left won’t let you play video games without a diversity talk first

6/16/2021 - Vice News sells Biden narrative: white conservative men are a grave threat, without facts

6/15/2021 - Biden’s ‘European vacation’ gets worse: The press seems oblivious

6/14/2021 - Biden ‘fears’ docile press corps: why?

6/14/2021 - Media’s playbook on border crisis: blame Trump

6/10/2021 - Media acknowledges Lafayette Park truth: fails to retract or correct mistakes

6/10/2021 - Mainstream media wrong on Lafayette Park reporting

6/9/2021 - Democrats push influence into video games to capture more impressionable Americans

6/8/2021 - CNN’s Stelter gets storm of criticism for ‘fawning’ Psaki interview

6/7/2021 - Washington Post attempts to frame Fauci emails in only positive light

6/7/2021 - Washington Post scolded on Portland coverage bias

6/4/2021 - NYT changes tune on deficits for Biden vs. Trump budgets

6/4/2021 - BuzzFeed News praises Fauci, ignores concerns

6/2/2021 - HuffPost claims Capitol insurrection ‘isn’t over’

6/2/2021 - BuzzFeed’s rage at rich misses mark as charitable giving ticks up during pandemic

6/1/2021 - HuffPost falsely accuses Gaetz of urging gun violence on Silicon Valley

6/1/2021 - NPR pushes taxpayer-funded anti-Asian racism

May 2021

5/28/2021 - AP fact-check includes notable economic falsehoods in favor of Democrats

5/27/2021 - Vox downplays attacks on Republican senator

5/27/2021 - Reuters pushes simulation of China Mars landing as if it were real

5/26/2021 - BuzzFeed-owned HuffPost absolves Biden administration of policy impacts

5/26/2021 - Tom Cotton: NYT, CNN assisting China covid origin cover up

5/25/2021 - HuffPost White House correspondent makes wild claim about Capitol riot

5/24/2021 - Government seizes $90K from rioter-journalist who filmed Capitol riot

5/21/2021 - CBS News wants its coverage to cover for dangerous assumptions

5/21/2021 - Vice News claims GOP state chairs are conspiracy theorists

5/20/2021 - Washington Post writes automotive feature for Biden after Israel ‘joke’

5/19/2021 - Vice News misrepresents Tucker Carlson’s audience as QAnon followers

5/19/2021 - Slate panics about Roe v. Wade as SCOTUS agrees to hear abortion case

5/18/2021 - NY Times changes entire narrative on Bill Gates

5/18/2021 - Rep. Massie demands, gets retraction from CNN over hallway ambush

5/17/2021 - Talking Points: CNN employs an antisemite!

5/17/2021 - AP photog latest to be exposed for antisemitism

5/17/2021 - CNN forced to drop contributor for being a Nazi: ‘Hail Hitler’ among his tweets

5/17/2021 - CNN takes Liz Cheney from daughter of Satan to savior of the Republic

5/14/2021 - CNN lauds 266K new jobs after dismissing last year’s 10M new jobs as not good enough

5/14/2021 - Cancel culture yawns as Oscar nominee dances with antisemitism

5/12/2021 - New York Times forced to walk back ‘no gas lines, shortages’ narrative

5/11/2021 - Vice News paints Second Amendment supporters as extremists

5/10/2021 - The Atlantic rejects the red pill

5/7/2021 - HuffPost wades into economic fight over unemployment benefits, comes up Democrat

5/6/2021 - Talking Points: Elon Musk on SNL

5/6/2021 - Teen Vogue extrapolates Gaetz allegations to ‘many workplaces’

5/6/2021 - NY Times fails to corroborate story before reporting allegations against mayoral candidate

5/4/2021 - NY Times, Washington Post, NBC forced to retract Russia reporting on Giuliani

5/3/2021 - Media fails to tell the full story when it comes to California’s drought

April 2021

4/30/2021 - Mainstream media suddenly silent on Kerry and Iran relationship after tape dump defines post-Trump press

4/29/2021 - Media silent about false Biden claim Trump starved kids at the border and other stories

4/29/2021 - BuzzFeed News lumps in mainstream conservatives with QAnon followers

4/28/2021 - NYT: Cuomo COVID scandal even worse than previously reported

4/28/2021 - Kessler, Washington Post, shut down presidential fact-check database just in time for Biden

4/28/2021 - In first 100 days, media repeatedly give Biden pass on issues they ripped Trump for

4/27/2021 - CNN manipulates stimulus, taxes and the English language to say ‘Biden taxes good, GOP taxes bad’

4/27/2021 - Vox praises Vietnam’s travel restrictions while ignoring own early condemnation of travel restrictions

4/26/2021 - Washington Post fact-check of Black Senator excites anger

4/23/2021 - 2021 Liberty in Film Awards

4/22/2021 - Broadcast media hit for deceptive editing on Columbus shooting

4/21/2021 - Yamiche Alcindor shows double standard about inciting violence

4/20/2021 - Stelter, CNN, get caught in double standard on violent media coverage

4/19/2021 - NY Times takes Biden’s word on Russia collusion again — without evidence

4/19/2021 - CNN celebrates ‘momentous’ Biden foreign policy decisions made by Trump

4/16/2021 - Talking Points: Adam addresses upcoming NBC vaccination special

4/15/2021 - What CNN got wrong about the DNI Threat Assessment

4/14/2021 - CNN editor owns himself in tweet attacking Fox News

4/14/2021 - Vox claims church reopenings could be ‘killing people’

4/14/2021 - East Coast elites refuse to hear workers in union election defeat

4/13/2021 - NY Times writer accused of Iran bias in Twitter uprising

4/12/2021 - Despite great news on COVID-19 complications in Lancet report, CNN inflames fears of COVID

4/9/2021 - In the media, alleged human trafficking is more interesting than human trafficking charges

4/9/2021 - ’Today‘ baffled by lower COVID rates in reopened states

4/8/2021 - PolitiFact’s ‘half true’ rating on Blunt TV appearance gives mostly false impression

4/8/2021 - YouTube removes health roundtable with DeSantis, allows Chinese Communist Party-run news to post

4/7/2021 - Vox carries COVID water for Biden despite promises that don’t hold water

4/6/2021 - MLB moves All-Star game from Georgia to Colorado, a state with similar voting laws

4/6/2021 - NY Times shows how progressive policies reward voter fraud and crush one woman’s dreams

4/6/2021 - Media doubts Trump’s April vaccine deadline, now giving Biden credit for it happening

4/6/2021 - Vogue gives readers a ‘guide’ to the Georgia voting bill everyone’s been talking about

4/5/2021 - 60 Minutes takes clips out of context to smear Florida Gov. DeSantis

4/2/2021 - Media pushes false narrative about new Georgia election laws

4/2/2021 - Facebook removes video of Lara Trump interviewing former President Trump, allows Chinese propaganda to be posted

4/2/2021 - NYT reveals Gov. Cuomo’s $4M book deal ‘overlapped’ with nursing home coverup timeline

4/1/2021 - CNN: There is ‘no consensus criteria for assigning sex at birth‘

4/1/2021 - When it comes to gun violence and the media, all casualties are not created equal

March 2021

3/31/2021 - Accuracy in Media victory: Iowa candidate Rita Hart drops challenge to House seat

3/31/2021 - News outlets selectively report on races of attackers in Asian hate crimes

3/31/2021 - ‘Hurdles’ for reopening schools need bigger picture

3/31/2021 - Mocking of Cruz for border trip contrasts with ‘star’ Ocasio-Cortez border trip in 2018

3/31/2021 - Media forgets how Obama created today’s border mess

3/30/2021 - CNN’s Stelter calls Biden border crisis ‘right-wing narrative’

3/26/2021 - Media silent about false Biden claim Trump starved kids at the border

3/26/2021 - Media overlooks Biden administration’s appeal to allow law enforcement to enter homes without warrants

3/25/2021 - CNN’s Chris Cuomo allegedly received priority COVID testing thanks to governor brother

3/25/2021 - MSNBC staff uses pre-COVID photo to ‘COVID shame’ Miami spring breakers

3/25/2021 - CBS News doesn’t challenge Padilla claim that it’s easier to buy a gun than to vote in America

3/25/2021 - CNN host: Gun store owners should ask customers if they hear voices

3/24/2021 - AFP fact-checker quick to press ‘crazy white guy’ button in Boulder shooting

3/23/2021 - Vox blames hurricanes, not Biden or home governments, for immigration mess

3/23/2021 - Contrary to WaPo report, Biden plan raises taxes on working Americans

3/22/2021 - Vox uses out-of-context quote to mislead about cop

3/19/2021 - Media calls to #StopAsianHate, ignores victimization of California Asian-American communities

3/19/2021 - MSNBC blames Trump for anti-Asian violence; silent on Biden dropping anti-Asian discrimination lawsuit

3/18/2021 - NowThis falsely blames Republican governors for the most COVID deaths

3/17/2021 - Washington Post admits it misquoted Trump about Georgia voter fraud

3/12/2021 - USA Today pushes mass shooting propaganda ahead of Democrat gun control bill

3/11/2021 - Every voice counts — unless it’s to recall the governor of California

3/8/2021 - The Super Bowl superspreader that wasn’t

3/8/2021 - Facebook, YouTube, Twitter allow Louis Farrakhan to spread vaccine misinformation

3/5/2021 - Media give Biden a pass on press conferences after griping about Trump

3/5/2021 - After criticizing Texas, Mississippi for easing COVID restrictions, media silent as Connecticut follows suit

3/4/2021 - Joy Behar suggests Dems ignore Cuomo’s sexual harassment allegations

3/3/2021 - CNN continues trashing Ron DeSantis, covers for Andrew Cuomo

3/1/2021 - Amazon, mainstream media silent on book’s removal

February 2021

2/25/2021 - Twitter censors Steven Crowder’s voter fraud claims without giving a reason

2/24/2021 - Media fact-checks Texas power issues, fails to analyze Biden’s initial response

2/23/2021 - Women in film groups silent on Disney ‘bullying,’ firing Gina Carano

2/23/2021 - Saturday Night Live pushes antisemitic message 

2/18/2021 - Media denounces Jan. 6 riots while paying protest organizer who attended them

2/17/2021 - HuffPost passes off hate piece as Rush Limbaugh obit, other media follow suit

2/17/2021 - CNN, MSNBC ignore Andrew Cuomo nursing home death scandal

2/16/2021 - Media applauds Biden’s call for gun control while ignoring current gun control issues across the country

2/12/2021 - Media takes WHO report, China at its word, dismisses lab origin theory for COVID-19

2/11/2021 - Media falsely ties Capitol Hill insurrection to increase in firearm sales

2/10/2021 - Axios reporter moved to barely different beat after revealing relationship with White House aide

2/10/2021 - Media runs interference in support of California claims blaming unemployment fraud on Trump

2/9/2021 - Teen Vogue writer: Entrepreneurship is bad, and Dolly Parton is bad for supporting it

2/9/2021 - Springsteen’s unity plea: Virtue signaling at its worst

2/9/2021 - LA Times baselessly ties drop in COVID-19 to outdoor dining ban

2/8/2021 - Media ignores Lincoln Project founder’s solicitation of underage men

2/8/2021 - Under Trump, kids in ‘cages,’ ‘tent cities’ — but under Biden, they’re ‘semi-permanent structures’

2/4/2021 - Media parrots AOC’s misleading claim that her life was in danger during Capitol riot

2/3/2021 - Media promotes study claiming big tech has no bias against conservatives

January 2021

1/29/2021 - Media slaps Andrew Cuomo on wrist in light of report his state undercounted deaths

1/27/2021 - Media sets up softball welcome for Biden in preview of what’s to come

1/25/2021 - Media shrugs off Schumer gaffe

1/25/2021 - News outlets can’t figure out why Americans don’t trust them

1/19/2021 - Media prepares to go soft on Biden for the next four years

1/15/2021 - Lady Gaga shows hypocrisy in performing at Biden inauguration

1/14/2021 - Journalists freak out over Politico publishing Ben Shapiro column

1/12/2021 - As wave of Republicans are censored online, no penalty for Democrats who have encouraged violence

1/12/2021 - Media whiffs on tying business predictions to politics

1/8/2021 - Left-wing environmental organization uses TikTok stars to promote its agenda 

1/7/2021 - AIM’s statement on Wednesday’s events at the Capitol

1/5/2021 - Cosmopolitan promotes obesity despite obvious risk factors

December 2020

12/31/2020 - Most egregious examples of politicization of American culture 2020

12/30/2020 - CNN chief admits he will not cover Biden administration fairly

12/29/2020 - Biden, Harris ignore Black Lives Matter after campaigning on racial justice

12/29/2020 - Politico appoints left-wing journalist to head ‘objective’ White House coverage

12/22/2020 - EXCLUSIVE: Iowa House candidate on payroll for two Chinese companies

12/18/2020 - Silicon Valley begins to cash in on favors to Democrats

12/18/2020 - Media lauds Buttigieg pick despite same inexperience they criticized Trump picks for

12/16/2020 - Media silences harassment claim against Democrat

12/10/2020 - If schools aren’t essential, then school choice is

12/4/2020 - Media rages over SCOTUS decision against NY Gov. Cuomo

November 2020

11/30/2020 - Clickbait and Switch: How Junk News Sites Influence Young People

11/18/2020 - HuffPost reporter publishes Pence claim easily debunked by photos

11/17/2020 - Bloomberg credits Biden – not vaccine results — for jump in Pfizer stock

October 2020

10/29/2020 - Media ignores history when talking about minorities

10/28/2020 - Slate writer misleads on Cory Booker exchange with Amy Coney Barrett

10/28/2020 - CNN shows major hypocrisy in Barrett hearings

10/14/2020 - Media shows selective outrage for COVID-19 relief funds

September 2020

9/29/2020 - Hunter Biden gets the pass the media has never given Donald Trump Jr.

9/29/2020 - Vanity Fair writer questions Supreme Court nominee’s mothering

9/23/2020 - Jake Tapper roasts former Democratic candidate for hyprocrisy

9/17/2020 - Media outlets ignore history to blame climate change for California fires

9/16/2020 - WaPo correspondent draws totally false conclusion from graphic

9/16/2020 - Media twist the facts to blame Republicans for bill failure

9/2/2020 - Unlike Melania Trump, Joe Biden gets a pass on plagiarism

9/1/2020 - Infomercials for Government

August 2020

8/24/2020 - Media dunks on Republican governor – but the numbers don’t lie

8/21/2020 - Washington Post spins USPS story to align with Democrats’ goals

8/14/2020 - Yamiche Alcindor accidentally proves Trump right

8/7/2020 - Study: Journalists really do live in a bubble

8/5/2020 - MSNBC producer confirms network’s bias is ‘cancer,’ not an accident

8/5/2020 - NY Times paints Elizabeth Warren as ‘racially progressive,’ omits past of racial exploitation

8/4/2020 - Head of NY Times’ 1619 Project backs away from entire premise

July 2020

7/29/2020 - News, opinion staffs at Wall Street Journal clash over cancel culture

7/28/2020 - Longtime New York Magazine writer excoriates publication for its bias in resignation

7/24/2020 - Global pandemic crushes finances, ratings at NPR

7/23/2020 - Twitter bans major religious symbol, calling it ‘hateful’

7/22/2020 - Teen Vogue pushes ridiculous claim about rent on young girls

7/17/2020 - Washington Post hides bad conclusion in story forcing tie between rise in violent crime to gun sales

7/15/2020 - Joy Behar makes wildly false claim about Republicans

7/15/2020 - Journalists use faulty data to dunk on Florida

7/14/2020 - What did it take to expose Epstein? Not a call for justice, but a chance to hit Trump

7/13/2020 - Washington Post has fact-check fail in trying to dispute Trump claim

7/10/2020 - Outlets that called Trump ‘mentally unfit‘ ignore poll showing Biden might be

7/9/2020 - Fox News host: Forget the evidence – it’s a hate crime if Bubba Wallace says so

7/6/2020 - CNN names and shames advertisers that have declined to boycott Facebook

7/6/2020 - Media uses own speculation to mar positive jobs report

June 2020

6/26/2020 - CNN blasts Trump for alleged leadership failures

6/26/2020 - BuzzFeed News criticizes CDC for pandemic response, but doesn’t revise blame-Trump narrative

6/26/2020 - ESPN does not apologize for hyping noose story

6/26/2020 - MSNBC turns blind eye to past controversies as Joy Reid ascends

6/26/2020 - Teen Vogue uses platform to preach communism, Marxism to young girls 

6/25/2020 - NBC News repeats false claim that protests don’t lead to more coronavirus cases

6/25/2020 - CNN gives Pelosi soft treatment on ‘trying to get away with murder’ comment

6/25/2020 - BuzzFeed promotes protest narrative that disregards health officials’ concerns

6/24/2020 - CNN cites incomplete study to prove protests do not lead to more coronavirus cases

6/24/2020 - ABC News interview sidesteps Cuomo’s nursing homes order

6/24/2020 - ESPN jumps the gun on noose claim at NASCAR race

6/23/2020 - NBC News dismisses ‘anarchy’ in Seattle autonomous zone

6/23/2020 - CNN shields Biden from press conference criticism

6/23/2020 - NPR gets called out for misleading photo in article on white supremacy

6/22/2020 - CNN exposes hypocrisy about Trump’s rally crowd size

6/22/2020 - NBC News contradicts itself in report on TikTok users’ ‘sabotage’ of Trump rally

6/22/2020 - NY Times silent as Biden dodges press conferences

6/19/2020 - NY Times provides cover for Durbin’s offensive ‘token’ remark

6/19/2020 - CNN dismisses poll findings that show Americans believe Biden has early dementia

6/19/2020 - CBS News’ tweeted headline misleads readers about officer-involved shooting

6/18/2020 - NBC News blasts governors not considering ‘another shutdown’ as virus cases rise

6/18/2020 - NBC News interview whitewashes Virginia governor’s hypocrisy after blackface scandal

6/18/2020 - BuzzFeed News criticizes Trump administration for asylum policy

6/17/2020 - BuzzFeed News blames conservatives for Minnesota Freedom Fund controversy

6/17/2020 - NBC News reporter exposed for collaborating with left-wing British group on article

6/17/2020 - NY Times article contradicts previous stance on crowded protests

6/16/2020 - NY Times dismisses coronavirus concerns during crowded Brooklyn rally

6/16/2020 - ESPN shifts to social justice coverage as ratings crater

6/16/2020 - Hypocritical CNN editor blows up Trump-West Point ramp story

6/16/2020 - NY Times teases story with backhanded suggestion favoring gun control

6/15/2020 - CNN’s Jake Tapper stumps Omar on disbanding police narrative

6/15/2020 - NY Times overlooks Black Lives Matter criticism of potential Biden VP pick

6/15/2020 - NBC News praises Brooklyn rally, criticizes Trump for having own rally

6/12/2020 - NY Times pans Biden comparing George Floyd to MLK

6/12/2020 - CNN calls Seattle autonomous zone ‘peaceful’ despite armed checkpoints

6/12/2020 - ESPN obscures major reason Kaepernick is not playing in the NFL

6/11/2020 - NY Times praises Seattle’s protester-run autonomous zone

6/11/2020 - CNN promotes Biden theory about Trump refusing to leave if he loses the election loss

6/11/2020 - NBC News does not report on protesters’ destruction of virus testing sites

6/10/2020 - PBS reporter awarded for excellent news coverage despite her partisanship

6/10/2020 - NY Times publishes false report on George W. Bush not supporting Trump

6/10/2020 - CNN provides cover for WHO regarding its confusing coronavirus comments

6/9/2020 - ESPN erases Kaepernick’s anti-police rhetoric from history

6/9/2020 - Axios backtracks on allowing reporters to protest

6/9/2020 - NPR blasts Trump for restarting rallies this month

6/8/2020 - NBC News walks back hydroxychloroquine criticism

6/5/2020 - NBC News pushes pandemic fears to force mail voting

6/5/2020 - NBC reporter downplays DC church fire as ‘some vandalism’

6/5/2020 - BuzzFeed News praises Biden, slams Trump in news coverage

6/4/2020 - CNN piles on Trump, highlights Pelosi’s criticism

6/4/2020 - ABC News highlights protesting nurses despite risk of spreading virus

6/4/2020 - Hypocritical NY Times journalists outraged at Tom Cotton editorial

6/3/2020 - CNN obscures network president Jeff Zucker’s mayoral ambitions

6/3/2020 - New York Times lets Democrats rewrite its headline

6/3/2020 - BuzzFeed News shows major double standard in framing protests

6/2/2020 - CBS News silent on Biden’s police training comment

6/2/2020 - PBS reporter proven wrong about claims about riots, anarchists