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Cuomo lied, thousands died: Revoke his Emmy now

On Monday, April 19, Accuracy in Media unveiled a mobile billboard in front of headquarters at 25 W. 52nd Street in Manhattan with the words: Cuomo Lied, Thousands Died: Revoke his Emmy Now. Why? That’s the address of the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences , the body that gave Andrew Cuomo an Emmy […]

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Accuracy in Media billboard hits Manhattan

Accuracy in Media is holding Cuomo accountable! History must remember him as the failure he truly was. As a result, we’ve sent a mobile billboard to the office of the Emmys on 52nd Street in Manhattan. The billboard will also be visiting the Manhattan homes of two Emmy board members. Send a message to those […]

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June 2021

6/23/2021 - The media lied to you about COVID-19 – TAKE ACTION NOW

6/10/2021 - We caught the media in a major lie. Click here to take action now.

May 2021

5/7/2021 - Cuomo’s victims tell their stories: An Accuracy in Media investigation

April 2021

4/29/2021 - ACT NOW to get racist politics off of ESPN

4/26/2021 - Cuomo lied, thousands died: Revoke his Emmy now

4/26/2021 - Click here to hold Cuomo accountable!

4/19/2021 - Remember when the Miami Herald wished death for Republicans? Take action again!

4/19/2021 - Accuracy in Media billboard hits Manhattan

4/15/2021 - Union leaders admit public school failures on hidden camera

March 2021

3/15/2021 - ACT NOW – USA Today teams up with Dems for gun control

February 2021

2/18/2021 - Stand up for Rush – TAKE ACTION NOW

2/17/2021 - Take action against Andrew Cuomo now

January 2021

1/28/2021 - ACT NOW: Hold Big Tech accountable with one click

December 2020

12/22/2020 - Take action to hold The New York Times accountable

12/22/2020 - TAKE ACTION – Star Trek actor wants Marco Rubio to suffer

12/12/2020 - Act Now – Columbia Journalism School attacks Free Speech

October 2020

10/19/2020 - Take Action: Reform the Presidential Debates

10/13/2020 - Accuracy in Media exposes Iowa Senate candidate

10/2/2020 - TAKE ACTION – Biden supporter to moderate debate

10/1/2020 - The AP is covering for Antifa – ACT NOW

September 2020

9/23/2020 - ESPN Smears Right Wingers: Take Action Now

9/15/2020 - Twitter is inciting violence. Act now to stop them.

9/15/2020 - Forbes changed their headline. Hold them accountable now!

9/11/2020 - Send a Message to MSNBC

August 2020

8/27/2020 - Hold The Hill accountable for its COVID deception

8/26/2020 - Let’s Praise a Good Journalist

8/14/2020 - Hold the New York Times Accountable

July 2020

7/30/2020 - You and I must stop the media bailout

7/28/2020 - Take action now: BuzzFeed smeared a deceased conservative professor

7/15/2020 - Take a stand against racism

7/6/2020 - Tell ABC to Stop Dividing Our Nation

June 2020

6/26/2020 - Tell Mitch McConnell to stop the media bailout

6/18/2020 - Communism for Teen Girls?

6/11/2020 - Send a thank you message to Tucker Carlson

6/1/2020 - Take Action to End the Riots

May 2020

5/29/2020 - Tell Sen. McConnell to stop the media bailout

5/28/2020 - Take Action to Defend Law Enforcement

5/13/2020 - Take Action Against CNN

5/13/2020 - Take a stand against the media bailout!

5/13/2020 - Good News in Journalism?

5/6/2020 - Tell NY Times to Investigate Biden!

April 2020

4/20/2020 - Miami Herald reporter wishes death on Republicans – Take action now!

4/13/2020 - CNN Working with Communist China? Take Action Now