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Why Won’t the Media Tell the Truth about Barack Obama?

Barack Obama seems to be the current media favorite in the 2008 presidential race. But are the media telling us the truth about his rise to political prominence?

Accuracy in Media (AIM), America’s original and most respected media watchdog, has uncovered Obama’s secret political life and agenda. You won’t read about any of this in the mainstream media. They are more interested in tracking down rumors about Senator McCain’s sex life. Did you know that…

  • Senator Obama sponsored a bill that purports to fight “global poverty” but actually lays the groundwork for a U.N. global tax on America?
  • Obama’s childhood mentor was a member of the Communist Party USA and filled Obama’s head with anti-American thoughts?
  • Obama’s political career was boosted by Chicago-based Marxists and that he sat on a foundation board with a terrorist?

The media are portraying Obama as an agent of change. But what kind of change?

AIM believes that voters should have the whole truth about all of the candidates before we go to the ballot box in November. We play no favorites because we are an independent conservative media watchdog. But because Obama has clearly benefited from the most favorable coverage, we have now put together a Special Report about him. You have a right to know the controversial facts.

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