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Julianne Malveaux
USA Today columnist, Pacifica Radio talk show host.

“I hope his wife feeds him [Clarence Thomas, Justice, U.S. Supreme Court] lots of eggs and butter and he dies early like many black men do, of heart disease. . . . He is an absolutely reprehensible person.”

Source: “Damn Those Conservatives Award,” Human Events, January 20, 1995, page 13. Also: “The Most Embarrassing Quotes of the Liberal Media,” Human Events, November 7, 1997, page 6. Also: “Black Racial COnsciousness, Part III,” by Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, November 2006, page 4.
Hardcopy: Copies of the source articles.
Where: Remarks made on the PBS program “To the Contrary.”
When: November 4, 1994.
Contributor: AIM.
Category: Compassion

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