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Category: Economy

Oil Companies Watch Out!

“We’ll take on the oil companies and harness their record profits to create millions of clean energy jobs — high-wage jobs you can raise a family on. I’ll end their special tax breaks and give them a choice: invest some of your profits in alternative energy , or we’ll do it for you.”

- Hillary Clinton

President controls Gas Prices

“I’m a little peeved when I hear the President say there’s not much we can do about this [gas prices], folks…Where is his responsibility in all this? Five and a half years, and we’re dealing with these gas prices? It’s ridiculous.”

- Meredith Vieira , April 26, 2006.

Oil companies are pirates

“Arlen Specter says Congress should consider taxing the windfall profits being reaped by the oil companies, which I think is a no-brainer. These guys aren’t entrepreneurs- they are pirates.”

- Geraldo Rivera , April 24, 2006.

America is consuming to extinction

“Dependency on oil, look at our gas prices, look at health rates. We just can’t keep consuming ourselves into extinction.”

- Brad Pitt , July 18, 2006