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Tom Beauchamp
Professor of Philosophy and a Senior Research Scholar in Georgetown University's Kennedy Institute of Ethics.

Some humans are inferior to nonhumans.

“Because many humans lack property of personhood or are less than full persons . . . they are thereby rendered equal or inferior in moral standing to some nonhumans. If this conclusion is defensible, we will need to rethink our traditional view that these unlucky humans cannot be treated in the way we relevantly treat similar nonhumans. For example, they might be aggressively used as human research subjects and sources of organs.”

Source: "Bioethics -- Disposable Humans," Discerning the Times, March 2001, page 1. Also: "'Human Non-Person'," by Wesley J. Smith, Whistleblower, May 2005, page 41.
Hardcopy: Copy of the Discerning the Times article and Whistleblower article.
Where: In his textbook (co-authored with James F. Childress), The Principles of Biomedical Ethics.
When: Fifth edition: February 2001.
Contributor: AIM.

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