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Steven Pinker
Psychology professor at MIT.

The unborn do not have a right to life.

“To a biologist, birth is as arbitrary a milestone as any other. . . . No, the right to life must come, the moral philosophers say, from morally significant traits that we humans happen to possess. One such trait is . . . an ability to reflect upon ourselves as a continuous locus of consciousness, to form and savor plans for the future, to dread death and to express the choice not to die. And there’s the rub: our immature neonates don’t possess these traits any more than mice do.”

Source: Bankrupt -- The Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy of Today's Democratic Party, by David Limbaugh, 2006, page 122.
Hardcopy: Copy of page 122 from Limbaugh's book.
Where: In his article, "Why They Kill Their Newborns," New York Times.
When: November 2, 1997.
Contributor: AIM.

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