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Rob Reiner
Actor, director.

I’m not an Arab expert, but…

“To send people off to die for a lie- I swear I never thought I’d see that again in my lifetime. We went through it in Vietnam. To me, it’s the most unconscionable thing you can do. It’s beyond impeachable. If we had just one house of Congress, this man would be impeached…How do you send people into a region, the most powerful superpower in the world, when you have no idea what’s going on there? I’m not an Arab expert. Fine. So read a book! Sit down and learn something!”

Source: “Notable Quotables,” Media Research Center, December 5, 2006, page 2.
Hardcopy: Copy of “Notable Quotables” page 2.
Where: Quoted by Matt Bai of the New York Times.
When: November 13, 2005.
Contributor: AIM

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