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Peter Hoagland
U.S. Representative, Democrat, from Nebraska.

Belief in the Bible is no longer appropriate.

“Fundamental, Bible-believing people do not have the right to indoctrinate their children in their religious beliefs because we, the state, are preparing them for the year 2000, when America will be part of a one-world global society and their children will not fit in.”

Source: Bill Clinton: Friend or Foe? by Ann Wilson, 1993, 1994, page 170.
Hardcopy: Copy of page 170 from Wilson’s book.
Where: Speaking on the radio with Pastor Everett Silevan.
When: 1983.
Contributor: AIM.

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The government must regulate church schools.

“The reason we have to regulate . . . church schools is that . . . children that are not trained in state-controlled schools will not fit in.”

Source: “Match These Quotes,” Resource Roundup, May 2004, page 8.
Hardcopy: Printout of 8-2-04 webpage with the quote.
When: 1983 (approximately).
Contributor: AIM.

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